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Connect with our websites mission? Like what we are doing? Want to inspire others to travel too? Tell your story? Promote your brand? 

Awesome! We want to hear from you! Find out how we can work together below. 

We are open to the following opportunities (and anything else you have in mind, ping us a message!) – check it yo!

  • Social Media Campaigns
  • Sponsored Posts
  • Advertisement Links
  • Advertisement Space
  • Affiliate Partnerships
  • Brand Ambassadorship 
  • Contest and/or Giveaway Collaborations
  • Press Trips
  • Product, Brand, Establishment or Hotel / Hostel Reviews

What Is In It For Your Brand?

How does us working together help? What will you get back in return? All important questions, feel free to find out the answers you’re seeking below. 

  • Increased brand awareness and exposure for your brand! 
  • Increased traffic to your site!
  • Increased reach of your marketing campaigns, to a travel audience!
  • A back link to your website (awesome for SEO!) 
  • Help to inspire others to travel the world! (We are big on this!)

Social Channels

Lets check out the social channels of – we are everywhere, well everywhere that makes sense for us! It’s important to only choose the right channels for your brand and target audience (little nugget of digital marketing knowledge for you!). You will find us sharing awesome content on….

What Are You Waiting For?

Interested? Lets just have a quick chat to see what your brief is, how you’d like to work together and if all goes well, I’m sure it will be awesome to work with you! Lets inspire more people to travel the world, together! 

We also offer the following two services – Super charge your online marketing with our Digital Consultancy service and Guest Blogging opps for those that love storytelling! More details below and if interested hit us a line, we wanna hear from you! 

  • Looking to work with IAmDanElson | Digital Marketer? Head over here for details, and how to contact us. This is our service to super charge your online marketing!
  • Interested in writing for us? We LOVE to hear your stories, just as much as we love writing and you reading ours! Get featured on – head over here to find more details! 

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