Welcome to Rio!

Where Dan loses his bag for the first couple of days of his mega 6 months trip…

Well the start was one hell of a hassle!! TAM airlines you’re rubbish. In fact, you’re shit!! Losing my bag with all docs and clothing and essentials for 6 months on the road, thanks a lot! It was returned to me (to my hostel) after a couple of calls to TAM – welcome to Brazil!

Now with that out of the way I can enjoy myself. It took me well over 36 hours to have my first beer (ha) but can you blame me?! It was less than a pint and at 6 of brazil money it was alrite, works out like 1.10ish in pounds which I can handle! So now, on Thursday 25th June I am happy, again, since all my hassle – get it out of the way yeah!

Big half alien jesus today. I went yesterday, and the friendly locals (apart from the bus, who bummed me on the journey, please note single fare EVERYWHERE so this is 3.40 ONLY!) everyone was saying it was bad day for it, even though saying it without English – amazing! In truth it was shite, so I got a burger from Bob’s (how cool?!) and headed back to hostel. Though, I went to day and it was AWESOME. Loved the view, and the wonder all great – loved it! Footage and pics are coming your way internet!

So, so far, enjoying it, so much so I may stay around Rio another night (3rd night tonight already!) so that I can party Rio style this evening, then it SHOULD be sunny enough to tan on beach – fingers crossed….big-jesus-rio


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