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Ways To Get Motivated Again At Your Current Workplace


It is known that more than 80% of people are unsatisfied with what they do and dream of a day to come when they would be able to tell their bosses to jump in the lake and to take a resignation letter to the personnel department. There is definitely something nice at any workplace a person can find and get everything from it.

Here are a few for your interest:

  1. A job for a woman is a chance to show her new outfit. New outfits are like air for women. They fade away without them. But there should be an occasion to wear any new outfit. There should be delighted looks, compliments and even gossips. Office is the best place you can find it all.
  2. Workplace romance. It is very difficult to find a proper person to get married with nowadays. If you do not have a job, bars and discothèques are the only places to look around. Drinking Jack Daniels, it is possible to find someone far from perfection. As for the office, it is much better of an idea. First of all, a person is seen at once. Second of all, there is always an opportunity to find out how much s/he earns. Thirdly, a workplace romance always adds some exotic and extreme to relationships. Every office party is like a scene from James Bond movies. It feels like being together but conspiration should not be forgotten.
  3. If you are already in relationships, to be friends is an option. To have a friend at work is one of the best lucks. Where else could you spend all day with a friend without your spouse bugging you. You may go smoking, talk about life and to go shopping during lunch time.
  4. To run away from a kid from home. Of course, it is delightful to be a parent of a one-year old child. It is delightful for about 30-60 minutes a day. If a father is lucky automatically, then a mother is not that lucky at all. Work is an excellent place to have a child free vacation of sorts. As a result, a kid gets a happy mother and a mother gets a child free vacation. A happy father gets a happy mother.
  5. Social benefits. Sometimes a set of benefits is so large that life cannot be seen without them: a car paid for, insurance for all family, free of charge lunches, tea, coffee, cookies, privileged rest, privileged prices for a company`s products, lift-sharing, office parties, sport clubs certificates.
  6. Schedule of work. If you feel sick and tired of work, you can enjoy life following the schedule of work. Usually, coming at 9a.m., leaving at 6p.m., having lunch at working desk being buried under a pile of work. The law says you come at 9, you have short breaks every hour, an hour of lunch time and home at 6. If to follow at least half of the norms above, you might feel an immense relief.
  7. If you no longer like your job, it is time to change your environment. First of all, very often it is acceptable to ask for improvement of one`s working space. Second of all, one may ask for a better desk, an orthopedic chair, a more powerful laptop, work mobile phone. A coffee machine may be asked for, a humidifier, a radio recorder, a flower-pot. As soon as the environment changes, working is more fun. Get yourself a new notebook, a pen and all the stationery.

Naturally, many might say that if you do not feel like doing what you are doing, you should quit but it is a different ball game.

About author: Melisa Marzett is a writer, author of plenty publications and a blogger currently working for professional edit-it paper editing service . There is a huge variety of articles written and published successfully by her hand. She is talented, unique, absolutely outstanding and just a gorgeous young woman who does not see herself without writing.  

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Ways To Get Motivated Again At Your Current Workplace | Guest Post
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Ways To Get Motivated Again At Your Current Workplace | Guest Post
Ways To Get Motivated Again At Your Current Workplace. Guest blogging Melisa Marzett takes you through her tips to get motivated again in your old workplace!
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