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This blog post is all about how travel changes people. How it inspires people. How it motivates people to do the extraordinarily.

I recently came across an awesome video that highlights just how some of the biggest people in history used experiences of travel to start and build some of the most successful companies we have ever seen.We are talking BILLIONS. And not only that but most have changed our lifes FOREVER (I am looking at your Mr Jobs!).

Steve Jobs with Apple, Jeff Bezos with Amazon. The list goes on.

Its a cracking video that required its very own blog post.

Props to the guys or gals over at Global Degree for the video and keep on inspiring people all around the world!

How Travel Changes You

We are all after that inspiration to travel more. That inspiration to become something more.

For some of us it might be a image, others something else, but just seeing that image does something to you. It clicks in your head and your mind races. Possibilities……

Inspiration? Perhaps, but at that moment you know something has changed. You have been motivated, you have been inspired to change what you have planned and do something else because of what you have experienced!

It can be images, videos, gifs, stories, experiences – almost anything can have this effect on you.

Mystery, that is what inspiration is really. We do not know why it happens but it does.

Recently I came across an awesome YouTube channel, I have followed them on social channels for a while but never really see much in my feeds, which clearly is a shame!

This video spoke wonders to me! Like really spoke to me. Maybe it will do the same for you. 

I do not want to go through it all of what it meant to me, or how it inspired me. The only thing I will say is how it grabbed my attention – it helped highlight just how my own mindset, view of the world we live in has changed since I started long term travel. And was the motivation behind setting up this website and continues to drive my websites mission to inspire more people to travel!

Give it a chance (its only a couple mins long!) and see how the video talks to you. I wanna know! 

Watch One Of The Best Travel Inspiration Videos I’ve Ever Seen!

Why it Pays to Travel

Did it in inspire you? To Travel? To start your dream business? To better yourself? To take that leap of faith on something? AWESOME.

Bang your comments below! 



Watch One Of The Best Travel Inspiration Videos I've Ever Seen!
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Watch One Of The Best Travel Inspiration Videos I've Ever Seen!
Watch One Of The Best Travel Inspiration Videos I've Ever Seen! Blog title speaks for its self! Travel inspiration in less than 5 mins!
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