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Check it! Today, 30th April 2017 I visited the famous Watsons Bay area just outside of Sydney! This blog post will feature my day trip and things to do and see in Watsons Bay Sydney.

All that AND I will try and inspire you to visit this fishing village the next time you’re in Sydney. Let’s get to it!


Visiting Watsons Bay

Today is Sunday and if you’re living in Sydney or visited for over a week you will know that means its cheap public transport day! Woa! Its the best day to take those longer trips to the likes of Blue Mountains and Watsons Bay. Each trip just costs $2.50 – yes you read that correct, only $2.50 per trip! For Sydney its like the bargain of the century, every single Sunday! So go on, take the piss! 

Bargain $2.50 one way trips on a Sunday in Sydney – get on it! 

With it been cheap Sunday travel I opted to hit up Watsons Bay! It looked awesome on Google images and had a couple of walks to go on so what better day than today when the sun was shinning and it wasn’t too cold or hot (not much sweating today!) to take a trip to Watsons Bay – right at the very tip of Sydney when ya looking on Google maps.

Lets see how it was for a day trip out…but first lets see how to get there! 

How to get to Watsons Bay

The trip is easy. Fire up Google maps from your current starting point and you will find you have two ways to get to Watsons Bay, unless you can swim in the ocean! Good one Google maps! The two options are both by public transport, either by bus or ferry.

As it was cheap Sunday I voted for the ferry, makes the trip a little different, costs the same as the bus (not sure if this is the case on other days!) and it was slightly quicker with the bus taking over 50 minutes and the ferry speeding along, the second stop on, taking only 20 minutes.

Head over to Bay 2 at Sydney Harbour and get your Opel card at the ready! The ferry was easily the best choice for a day like today!

Highly recommend the ferry – Nicer ride, makes the trip more interesting and its quicker than the bus!


Things to do / see at Watsons Bay

Watsons Bay does not really have much to do! Its a old school fishing village and as soon as you land you can tell! 

I’m not sure what I expected really, its on a bay after all! However, I thought it was worth a look at only $2.50 each way. Although, that been said if ya after awesome views of the cliffs and the ocean that rolls into the bay this is the place! Get a hell of a Facebook / Instagram shot right here in Watsons Bay!

What else to do here? Find out what I checked out below:

  • Macquarie Lighthouse
  • The Federation Cliff Walk
  • Robertson Park
  • Sydney Habour National Park

I would recommend seeing the white Macquarie Lighthouse, I just followed Google maps and it took me past The Federation Cliff walk to reach the lighthouse,, killing two birds with one stone (horrible saying Haha!). As lighthouses go, its massive and white and still working! Can not say I have seen another lighthouse on this trip….so was worth it just for that!


So, you are not going to be blown away with your trip to Watsons Bay as its small  and not much action going own. However, if ya after a peaceful day out, walks and views, this is a place to come!


Remember to talk your walking shoes and a bottle of water! The views are pretty amazing when you are rolling around the cliff edges, oh and do not forget to take a closer look at the trees / planets some mental looking spiders to give you a nice fright! Or an awesome looking green bird! Aus just takes animals and insects and makes them GIANT sized! 

Looking for a beach day? Watsons Bay is not for you!

More snaps to enjoy

We can never have too many pics of amazing places to visit can we?! Check out more snaps of Watsons Bay in Sydney below! Hopefully this inspires you to visit the next time ya in Sydney! 









Watsons Bay is worth it – if its a Sunday! For me, it does not really give you much! Its small, has a couple of fish n chip restaurants as you would expect however apart from that not much is going on! Not really my cup of tea! 

Thinking about take advantage of cheap Sunday? Awesome but keen in mind that because of cheap Sunday both boats (each way) were rammed so if you did not get there around 20 minutes early, good chance you would have to wait for the next one!

Go on a Sunday, only $5 return and check out the scenery, take some snaps of the cliff edge and the ocean and grab yourself some fish n chips! 

Another place to tick off on your Sydney bucket list!

Visited Watsons Bay? Comment your thoughts or your best snap below! 




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