From Rio to Sao Paulo…


Not a bad little bus ride (Ha!), only 6 hours to get from chill out Rio to manic Sao Paulo. Think London is massive, think again.

From the central train station I asked Information how to get to the area – just down there and get a ticket and go to X place – awesome, how easy! I get on the underground, get on the directed line and get off at the stop she told me BUT wait, did I mention it was dark and around 9pm? Never again (if I can help it!) I will get in so late in the evening…

So I get off, the stop is like a small stop in the middle of nowhere, with backpack weighing me down and clearly looking like a tourist the only thing I could do was get a taxi. Taxi was difficult in its own right, however I get in, and around 20 to 30 minutes later (totally wrong area!!) I was on the correct street! Fair play to the taxi driver who helped me locate the hostel, which I was told was very well known party hostel – Limetime!


Hostel wasn’t bad, bar that was full and I was put in a dorm with 8 people. I partied the night away as you do when its party time!

Sao Paulo is massive (did I say that already?!) though the underground gets you everywhere you need to go. I went to the free walking tour ENTER NAME and the guy was really good, kept us all entertained for the 4 or so hours (!). Going to Sao Paulo? Do the tour. At the end I gave him a tip and I was on my merry way…

Going back to the hostel I find that after the party of Sunday night, week nights are poor – like really poor. The hostel was nearly dead (only me and the bar guy in my dorm!) and no one in the bar, mmm. So I had to get creative – Couchsurfing and Tinder to the rescue!

I met a girl who showed me some typical Brazilian food and drink (the drink that looks like a shot isn’t a shot but tastes like pure alcohol!). She shows me around which involves famous bars in the area (where I watched footy) then to the 24 hour bakery – yes that’s right Brazilians really, really like bakeries!

In Sao Paulo I did more of the tourist things, though a lot of time was spent up and down the main central road av paulista. Interesting, on the free tour we were told just why SO many bikers were on the road. It was the first day of the new bike lane in the central road (and not like a bike lane that’s only open at certain times – strange eh?). So, as ever in South America, any excuse for a party, so many bikers it was difficult to cross the road! Stalls on the street and music everywhere – it was fun!



Dan Elson
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Dan Elson Entrepreneur, Digital Marketer, & Traveler of Worlds

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