I can not say enough good things about this amazing place in Bolivia – Salar de Uyuni.


Depending when you go really depends on the experience you get. Dry season like me and you get to see the salt above the ground and it looks amazing. The wet season has an even greater surprise with the ever so talked about sky mirror effect – maybe I need to visit also in the wet season!

larma-boliviaI loved my trip here, the four days and three nights in the middle of nowhere seeing out of this world things was just “o
ut of this world”. Moments happened when I could not believe we were still on this Earth, showing you just how alien our Earth can be!


My trip was booked through Torre Tours (who also have a very clean, relaxing and affordable guesthouse right in the heart of the town!) and it was around 150 dollars for five of us, with a professional driver and cook. Please note that it would have been extra (though not sure how much!) for an English speaking driver but thankfully this was not needed as the lovely Canadian lady could speak Spanish.


As the trip started in Tupiza, a small out of the way western looking town this allowed for an extra special trip to Salar de Uyuni. I will not spoil it for those who are looking to experience this magical place but all I will say is book this trip!! A lot of people are told to go to the nearest town and book but what you get to see and experience setting off from Tupiza and with Torre Tours is far worth any small extra money. Even with the price we paid we could not work out how profit has been made with the diesel, driver, cook, full meals for breakfast lunch and dinner, she did one hell of a job. The last night hostel is well worth it…..And the view of the milky way in the night sky is one to witness with your own eyes!

The next day you arise at 4am, but for a very good reason as today is the day to see the sunrise above the almighty salt flats. Landrover after landrover raise to the island an hour or so away to witness this awesome otherworldly event. Even visiting in the dry season this place and time was COLD and I mean cold. Cameras and mobile cameras were misbehaving due to the extreme  cold so make sure to bring plenty of layers and gloves and hats! It is all worth it as you get to see this….


One of the most amazing experiences of my live – What Are You Waiting For?



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