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I’m going to be launching a series that looks at travel inspiration around the world, the places I’ve been, what to see and what to experience that sort of thing, and all in my own unique way of reporting! 

A picture says a thousand words. Ten pictures makes you want to experience it. 

Tokyo, Japan


Nearly arrived!!

This week’s feature will be on the almighty Tokyo, Japan. YOU READ THAT RIGHT BRO!

I’ve always wanted to visit Japan, especially Tokyo! I’ve heard great thing from my sister and others who have made it up to the north of Asia. And boy I wasn’t disappointed when I got there!! Its a cracking place to visit and experience. 

Tech? CHECK Food? CHECK Mental gaming culture? CHECK. Every single day it was like you saw something new, or experienced something new, and most of the time something you’ve never even imagined! It was awesome. Proper real time moments like “Never seen that before!”, “Look at that!”, and my personal fave “That’s mental!”. I LOVED EVERY MINUTE OF IT.

Tokyo is one of those places you just have to find time to visit. 


Where else can you see a LIFE SIZED transformer? NOWHERE!

If so great, why don’t more people visit?

That is a question that now I’ve visited I can answer! Tokyo and Japan in general is not often on the backpacker route that’s for sure, you should have seen the confusion on the boarder patrol staff once we landed and wanted to leave the airport! It was like they have never seen backpackers before! Ha but it was all friendly and once they knew we were just there to see some kick arse Japan we were greeted with smiles and a wave a long! Easy as pie! 

So, it tends to be out of the way for backpackers, after all i understand its a flight you’ve got to get and pay for where as the others countries throughout Far East Asia such as Thailand, Cambodia and the lark can be easily transported to by cheap coaches! But I’ve heard many other excuses which I’m going to nip in the bud! 

  • Its too expensive – food, accommodation and transport
  • Its too far and out of the way
  • No one speaks English
  • I’ll get lost trying to get around

FALSE! (Ok, maybe not so much on speaking English but treat it as an adventure!)

To me these are all just excuses! Sure, its not Thailand or Cambodia cheap, but its a 1st world country so that is to be expected! Around $7 bucks gets you a hearty plate of food in the cafes you find all over the place, the underground ticket prices are level with the likes of London and hostels you’re looking at around $20 a night but these are some of the best hostels I’ve ever slept at!

Its not that far really from the rest of Far East Asia by plane! Cambodia run flights amazingly (where I got mine from!) and even booking these a couple days before didn’t break the bank just check out SkyScanner and get it booked once it hits a realistic price! You won’t be disappointed once you reach this awesome place! Easily less than £200 squid got me from Cambodia to Tokyo and I reckon on the grand scheme of things that is a bargain! 

English is on the low side of things, like 90% don’t have any, whatsoever, English speaking skills “SORRY, no English!!” gets shouted around a lot but come on bro you’re in a foreign land after all and that’s the adventure yeah? Get Google translate downloaded before you land and ensure you download the Japanese language pack it will come in handy!

Finally, getting lost? NAR. Its massive Tokyo, like super insane you have never seen anything like it massive, don’t get me wrong with over 9 million, yes that’s with a M live in or around Tokyo BUT the underground system is spot on (it did break down once and I saw a lot of confused locals!!), and everything is in English, the signs and the speaker system so you won’t get lost after you’ve got your head around it all!


It looks confusing but after a while its easy!

So that has cleared that up! No excuses! Just get yourself to Tokyo and experience the wonders on offer! Food, people and amazing things you’ve never even imagined! Oh, and if you get bored of all that sightseeing then you can always get your arse over to Mount Fuji (can all be achieved in a day trip!), ride on one of the world’s craziest rollacoasters in the theme parks located right next to Mount Fuji (the rides looked mental!) or even Tokyo’s very own DisneyLand – Amazing Huh!

Just LOOK at that food! So yummy & can be found everywhere for around $7!

What you waiting for? Get your arse on a plane and experience Tokyo, and if at all possible the rest of Japan too! To search for the cheapest flight deals to Tokyo I highly recommend SkyScanner.co.uk and cheapflights.co.uk 

Have you visited Tokyo? What did you think? Bang your recommendations below to inspire others to visit this amazing place! 




Dan Elson
Entrepreneur, Digital Marketer,
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Dan Elson Entrepreneur, Digital Marketer, & Traveler of Worlds

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