My Travel Experiences In Video

My Travel Experiences In Video

During my travels throughout my life I have had some awesome, and I mean some AWESOME times. I was lucky enough to make not only mental images but take photos- thank god otherwise most would be forgotten!

I have also taken some very inspiring videos along the way. Here are my best from the life of travels so far. If I manage to inspire others to travel the world too that is my ultimate mission in life. My mission is to inspire others to make the jump, say no to fear and just DO IT (sorry Nikey, had to nick that one!).

I want to show YOU what I have experienced so far. I am no unique snow flake and anyone can get to experience these too. Watch and ask the question how can I get to experience these too? That is where can help by sharing my knowledge and experience on how to save money & make money to fuel your travels around the world.

All of these can be experienced on my YouTube channel Рyou can subscribe here

A Fiji Sunset

Sandboarding & Dune Buggy in Huacachina Peru

Los Angeles Griffith Observatory

Salar de Uyuni Bolivia

Iguazu Falls Brazil

Dublin Ireland

These are just some of my WOW moments I managed to capture on film. What are yours?




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