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Top Three Apps for Art-oriented Travelers

Mobile apps have revolutionized our lives, from the way we cook to the way we travel. If you’re an art-oriented traveler who is always looking for new art sanctuaries and aesthetic experiences, you should put your mobile device to good use during your next trip.

Here are three apps that help to make the most of travels in terms of art by allowing users to learn more about the history of places and artworks displayed in museums.

Travel by Art


The free iPhone app Travel by Art is basically a mobile travel guide to Paris that presents the stories of the most famous artists and intellectuals who lived in this stunning city. Exploring the histories of artists, philosophers, and writers, you can visit the places that were important to them and learn more about their legacy from their paintings, book excerpts, or quotes.

That app is just perfect if you find yourself in the City of Lights without any idea about where to start your exploration. We all know Paris from travel guides and postcards, but there’s so much more to the city than meets the eye. The app unveils the secret history of places and people who lived in Paris and had a decisive influence on the shape of modern culture.

Figures such as Picasso, Wilde, or Hemingway all gathered in Paris and thanks to the app, you can follow their footsteps on tours that take you through the locations of their everyday lives. Most importantly, you get to admire their creative work in context, discovering how Paris inspired them.

Showing the key spots for these artists together with all the information about their favorite places like galleries, bars or parks you can visit today, the app is a top pick for an art-themed holiday.

MOMA (Museum of Modern Art)


If you find yourself in New York, the Museum of Modern Art is a must-see. It houses one of the best collections of latest art in the world.

MOMA offers a special mobile app that helps to make the most of your time at the museum.

The app features a range of tours where you can hear from curators or artists about the works of art in the Museum’s collection, as well as commentary to special exhibitions.

If you’re curious whether a work of art is on display at the Museum, you can simply use the search engine to find a specific artwork, calendar listing, audio commentary, or artist. Finding your favorite artworks is a piece of cake with this app.

Download the app in advance to learn more about the admission, opening hours, and directions to the museum to plan your visit.

You can easily share your favorite artwork events or photos with friends and family through email, text, Facebook or Twitter. Remember that the app requires the Internet connection to work.

My Visit to the Louvre


Visiting the Louvre can be overwhelming. The museum is gigantic and visitors often get dizzy from the sheer amount of artwork displayed in various collections. But exploring the Louvre with the app My Visit to the Louvre is pure pleasure.

You can become your own guide to the museum thanks to the wide range of information included in the app. The 60,000 m² of the museum space is modeled here in 3-D to help you find your way around this vast complex.

If you’re looking for a specific collection, artwork, or amenity, you can simply search for it in the app and then follow the suggested itinerary to easily find what you’re looking for. The app also lists cultural events and a selection of 600 comprehensive artwork descriptions and audio commentary.

The app is available in French, Spanish, German, English, Italian, Japanese, and Korean.

These 3 apps are just the tip of the iceberg. There are many more mobile apps available to make your journey an art-oriented adventure.

With virtual reality technologies on the rise, you can expect that in the future, mobile apps will be able to transport you directly to the world of the artwork and offer unforgettable experience with the art you encounter during your travels.

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Top Three Apps for Art-oriented Travelers | Guest Post
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Top Three Apps for Art-oriented Travelers | Guest Post
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