Yes, that is me above, just a normal dude, a dude like you living the dream, in the middle nowhere, in Bolivia. A Place I Never Thought I Would See. The life of a millionaire who has retired? Hardly. But that is me, doing the whole traveling, and it can be you too!

So you have decided you want to travel but you are not sure how to make the first step? Well, after my awesome round the world trip in 2015, I want to help YOU make the first step!

I want to help you click the buy button on that first flight to a faraway destination. I want you to live your dream. That is why based on my new knowledge and experiences from traveling sole in South America, North America, Fiji, Australia and South East Asia I have put together my top seven tips for traveling the world.

If I can do it so can YOU – I am not made from a different cloth. I want to help you to make the decision of your life.

Make The Decision That You WILL Go

This is a biggy.

It is all well and good to decide that traveling is for you but your brain thinks up a million and one excuses that it is not the best time. Your brain says you cannot do it, you need a friend to go with you, you do not have enough money or you cannot right now because X and Y reasons.

Well guess what your brain will ALWAYS say this to you. Your brain is like a computer ask it a question and it will give you an answer. If you ask it why you should not go then it will give you every reason under the sun. So instead, be proactive, say to your brain I AM GOING. Guess what? It will give you a million and one reasons why you are going to travel the world.

So make the decision that you are going, take control of your brain and make this first step – Make The Decision That You WILL Go.

Seek Out Others Who Have Done The Same

Reaching out to others will show you that this is more common that you might think.

Got friends who have already done it? Well you are in luck, get them to spill the beans on how easy it really is. Once you have done it you will realise just how little of a big deal, and actually how EASY it is to travel around and have amazing experiences.

Do not have friends who you can ask? Welcome to the power of the internet. I read experiences on the misc section on and I soon realised how easy it truly was to give up your day job and travel the world.

YouTube can help too, the smiles and laughter from people just like YOU should do more than enough convincing that this is indeed possible for you – Seek Out Others Who Have Done The Same.

Make A List

List, list and list.

Lists are always friends. Lists allow your brain to put down what really matters. Do you want to visit South America? Asia? Australia? Do you want to jump out of a plane? Do you want to visit the great pyramids? Making a list of what you want to experience and what places you want to visit makes it feel real.

Did I mention this also gets you to think about what is actually important to YOU? This is YOUR dream trip, not your friends or families so this is the time to have a real hard think. This will impact the next two really important stages to help you live YOUR dream.

Make the whole trip REAL by deciding what is important to you and write it down – Make A List.

Book Your First Flight

This will take the fear away.

Sounds simple enough yeah? Well, not exactly…

Getting that first flight booked is the most difficult decision you are going have to make to ensure that you follow through with your dream. A dream is just that until you make the necessary steps to carry it out and live it. The step above is your friend here.

Booking the first flight makes it REAL. You know it to be real and you know that the time will come. No one likes to lose money, the vast majority of humans would rather try to keep money than trying to make more so booking your first flight will help you get closer to your dream of traveling the world.


You do not need to book every single flight at once (flights do not tend to increase vastly unless you book only a couple of days before!) just get this one booked and you are half way – Book Your First Flight.

Start To Research What You Need

Continue to make it real. Keep telling your brain this is happening.

You can find a high number of “what to take traveling around the world” type guides by using Google and I suggest you do just that as it gives you a real clear idea of what you need to purchase to make your round the world trip possible.

This can be daunting though it comes apparent that the majority of the guides will advise you that you really need less than you might think.

This step will make it feel much more real to you and once you start to invest your time in research what you will need, it is sending more signals to your brain that this is becoming more and more of your reality – Star To Research What You Need.

Start To Buy Things You Will Need

Make an investment.

Start to buy things you need – sound easy yeah? Yes and no.

Yes – you can make small commitments to your dream buy investments on little bits. A jacket, some trainers but it is not until you buy the important things such as your backpack and malaria tablets that it becomes much more real.

No – once you start to invest in the higher end items, your mind-set changes and it does become harder to pull the trigger – after all when else are you going to use that £120+ backpack?


Money is a driver and you can use it if you are unsure that your travel dreams will ever happen.

I suggest jumping right in after the research stage and buy the big, investment items. Get this purchased and you are well on your way to your dream – Start To Buy Things You Will Need.

Do Not Wait

You will always regret the things you did not do.

Do not wait until something pushes you over the edge.

I do not need to say the countless times I was speaking to someone that required something big or small to push them over the edge to live out their dream.

Do not wait for the bad news, or the job that is driving you insane to decide enough is enough.

Use your brain and make the decision to not to wait until you are GIVEN a reason to do it.

So What Now?

I asked a fellow backpacker who used to be a lawyer “why did you quit your job at 30, a job that you worked SO god damn hard to get in order to travel the world?”

The answer was pretty simple and I am sure you already know WHY. I did.

She thought that life could be so much more and it was time to live her dream.

Set out your vision for your dream to travel the world like I did and make it not a dream but a reality! 

Did my tips inspire you to take action? Did you finally live your dream? I want to hear from YOU. Your stories, your experiences and where in the world you are right NOW. 


Dan Elson Entrepreneur, Digital Marketer, & Traveler of Worlds

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