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Summary of this blog post

As this website is here to help you make money online, this is a post for you with the websites! For you who are using the awesome power of the internet to make money to fund long term travel (I love you guys!!). 

I’ve got over five years working for some of the UK’s best digital marketing agencies so I know a thing or two about getting on Google! This gives you an idea into the digital marketing mind of Dan, and gives you secret info into the plugins that a digital marketer actually uses!

This post will feature my top 5 WordPress plugins that i’m using right now on iamdanelson.com. Plugins are awesome and one of the key selling points for using WordPress thats for sure and if you’re not using these yet I urge you to get downloading and installing! 

So, lets get to it, my Top 5 WordPress Plugins I am Using Right now!

All In One SEO Pack

SEO – Search Engine Optimisation is very much required for you to have a successful website. Getting shown in Google correctly helps you generate FREE traffic to your website. This is a no brainer even if your knowledge or experience with SEO is limited. Get seen in Google!

Google Analytics

Want to know what pages people are visiting? How many people stay on each page and your website as a whole? Of course you do! GA – Google Analytics does SO much more, have a search on Google or YouTube for a beginner’s guide. Once you understand it more, this plugin allows you to easy add the tracking code to your website. Measure your website!

Google XML Sitemaps

Very much required, for similar reason to All In One SEO Pack. This gives Google a roadmap to access your website. You use it to inform Google WebMaster tools (now called search console) – again, another beginner guide I would advise you search out. Make it easy for Google!

Pretty Link Lite

Do you use affiliate links on your website? This handy plugin lets you cover or disguise (puts a cape on like superman 🙂 )  an affiliate link. You get those really long and ugly links that allow you to track the referral has come from your website. But this looks RUBBISH. Use this plugin to make your own website friendly version – for example, iamdanelson/PRODUCT – which then goes through to the external website where your visitor can investigate your chosen product. Quick, simple and clean!


You use, or at least understand the great benefits of social for your website? Great, well in that case you need a plugin to help you spread the word about your awesome content. This adds icons (of the social channels you choose) under your blog posts, allowing your readers to share your awesome content. Fantastic!

Recently Recommended: Sumo

This is a highly recommend plugin that offers so much even on the freebie version. My favourite and why I’m recommending is because it offers a email pop up capture option. You know the slightly annoying pop ups you get on websites that ask for your name / email in order for you to keep updated and receive newsletters? Well these can be annoying but you’ve got a secret option on the plugin to only show it to new visitors and once the x has been clicked then it won’t show again, making it slightly less annoying! Super awesome this option though as it allows you to capture your visitors email addresses which is super important to create a fan base of email addresses so you can keep them up to date with your content and eventually once you’ve created enough value in their eyes you can start to recommend products / services (affiliate links anyone?), and eventually your own products. Email databases are key for long term plans for making money online, to help you fund your long term travel plans. The plugin provides you with plenty of others options too away from the pop ups, so get it downloaded and installed and have a play around (you will find it looks familiar as so many websites use it but thats a good thing because it means its super useful and awesome for us bloggers!).



So thats it! These were my top 5 WordPress plugins i’m using right now, and I urge you to go over to plugins in your left hand menu bar and search for each of them and get them downloaded and installed. These will help your website show up in natural search more, allow Google to crawl your website easier and quicker, help you track your visitors so you can understand what content people are viewing and enjoying, easy allow your visitors to share your content for other bloggers and finally, the ability to add nice looking URLS for your affiliate links so you can earn some money to help fund your travels!

Hope you enjoyed my blog post, I will end it with a top tip! Plugins are awesome however can slow your website down. Slow websites are not good for visitors and Google personally hates slow websites! So I recommend that only have plugins you’re using installed, the others get rid, get them deleted! And don’t have loads of plugins, I know its tempting as some sound amazing and really helpful but if you don’t really use it, or not at all get rid of it and help speed up your website! 

What are your must have WordPress plugins? Comment below!



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