Top 5 Funniest TV Shows EVER

Looking for the Top 5 Funniest TV Shows EVER?! You have come to the right place.

Yes, believe it or not I have managed to get the list down to just FIVE. Yes, FIVE, this is the Top 5 Funniest TV Shows EVER!

1. I’m Alan Partridge


Yes, it is British. And yes I am British. Am i suggesting if you are not from the cold side of the pond you will not enjoy? Absolutely not! You will LOVE this I am sure. The one liners are used throughout my daily life…its an ACTUAL fan page on Facebook in fact!

Top Tip: Give “Me Knowing You” a try too, it gives you insight and context into the life of Alan before his two series show on his life. Just watch it!

2. Red Dwarf


Yes, another British one. But let’s be fair, you American tried to do your own and failed, totally and utterly failed!. Red Dwarf is a cracker, a right belly laugh. The first couple of series, even with the low budget, it is clear the vast majority of the time went into the script and humour – this is one comedy series you can’t afford not to watch!

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3. Two and a Half Men


Are you thinking “Finally, a non-British comedy!”? Yes, finally, Two and Half Men – totally male driven humour but packs a hell of a punch in the comedy department! Charlie Sheen basically plays himself. A real life version of himself for nearly a decade and yes it nearly killed him! Top quality comedy from the States!

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4. Family Guy


My first animated series on my Top 5 Funniest TV Shows EVER and it is Family Guy. Yes, Mr Peter Griffin has been cancelled more times that you can…believe! Though, each time it comes back with an almighty bang! Totally offensive, this is one show not for the hardly offended!

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5. South Park / The Randy Marsh Show!

And it comes to the 5th and final show…how could I leave out the animated comedy that has been going for WELL over a decade? Well I can’t thats for sure! Amazing comedy, and one doesn’t and cant work out why this is still called South Park instead of the Randy Marsh Show. Randy steals it for me, if he’s not beating up fellow baseball fans at his son’s matches, he is giving himself cancer from a microwave so that he can smoke weed – what a winner!

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So that is my Top 5 Funniest TV Shows EVER!

You may agree with it all, with some of my list or none at all! I would love to hear your Top 5 Funniest TV Shows EVER – drop a comment below!



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