During my six months of backpacking the world I visited some truly amazing and out of this world places throughout South America, Australia and Far East Asia.

What better way to inspire you to travel to the far reaches of the globe by posting the very best of my images I took along the way. So sit back and enjoy my Top 10 Images Around The World blog post today.

Who knows, maybe, just maybe this will spark something in you, inspire you to save, quit that job you hate and leave it all behind to experience the wonder that is the Earth. Who knows what or who you may find along the way…..

Machu Pichu @ Peru

This place is truly amazing, you can find out a a lot about Machu Pichu online so this is no history lesson – just imagine climbing to the top at 4am so that you get to see the ruins during sunrise – you do not need to imagine, visit this place climb the stairs at 4am and experience the sunrise above one of the most amazing places on this Earth!


Harbor @ Sydney

Oz is on everyone’s bucket list right? It certainly should be. Sydney, love it or hate it has some awesome views, get on the bridge and take a look at the Sydney Opera House – it is amazing. If you are lucky you will picture this with the boats in front. Go, go, go and see this!


LAX @ California

You know the airport right? It really is MASSIVE. This is the control tower, looks cool aye? LA is one amazing place and flying into LAX just reminds you of that fact before you even leave the airport.


Star Trek Graffiti @ California

Graffiti is a bad thing? Yeah, it can be but not when it is done well, like this masterpiece. Even if you do not like Star Trek, you have to realise and appreciate what it did for the world. This graffiti is really awesome and worth a look.


Beach @ Fiji Islands

Fiji is one of those places you just HAVE to visit. It is near enough to Oz so add it and you will not be disappointed that is for sure! Amazing place, and amazing people make this one of the wonders of the world.


Copacabana Beach @ Rio

Rio? Hell yeah! Get your arse here. But it is not safe? Come on, everywhere has it, you can get it in your own city. Get to this place and enjoy the Brazilian lifestyle, the awesome beach and amazing food and drink.


Cristo Redentor @ Rio

In rio? Go and see the Cristo Redentor, I saw it in the clouds which was an experience in its self. I loved this. Get your selfie on and get a picture with this amazing piece of world history.


Salt Flats @ Bolivia

Salar de Uyuni is amazing. In fact no one word can describe this place. You just have to see this wonder of the world in the flesh. It is out of the way but boy every couple of hours you will be thinking that is the best thing I have ever seen!! Then an hour or so later you think it again, and again and again…


Copacabana Lake @ Bolivia


Santa Monica @ California

Number ten on the list is the ever so popular Santa Monica in California. This is a must see, hire a car and get your arse out here. This is really one of those must sees when visiting California!


These are just my top 10 images and boy does that take me back! I love these images as it reminds me of the time I was there and how much I need to continue on my travel journey.

So, the question is, what’s on your top 10 images around the world list? Or maybe, what is on your list to see when you finally make the plunge into visiting our amazing mother Earth? 



Dan Elson
Entrepreneur, Digital Marketer,
& Traveler of Worlds


Dan Elson Entrepreneur, Digital Marketer, & Traveler of Worlds

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