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This blog post will tell you and SHOW you all about the day adventure to Tiger Temple in Krabi, Thailand – don’t worry its nothing to do with tigers! Trust me! Keep on reading! 

The Adventure Begins! 

Today was 17th October and today it was time to do a cultural thing – that thing was Tiger Temple located up in the mountains of Krabi, Thailand! 

Grabbed a taxi from our hostel (Slumber Party located in Ao Nang), and with thanks to the Thai girl who works here managing to get us a deal, so down from 1200 Baht to 1000, so for us English, £22, taxi got us from hostel to Tiger Temple in a snazzy car and back again.

Was it worth it….HELL YEAH!




So, what you reckon? Does that inspire you to check out Tiger Temple when you next visit Krabi Thailand? Well it should! Just look at that view!!

Worth noting that you don’t have to be super fit to do the climb to the top, however it does take lots of sweat and determination to make it! But hey isn’t the view well worth the struggles! I think so! 

Reaching The Top…trying to reach the top more like! 

Reaching the top was a problem for my friend, a monkey went and bloody tried to steal his shoe! Nearly said see ya to his Toms! So be careful, monkeys are knocking about and indeed of shoes!!

Time To Head Down!

What goes up must come down! That’s true and its so true of the Tiger Temple! Once you reach the top, and get a much needed breather (!), you can take a look around, see the big golden Buddha (impressive!), take in the views, get your Facebook and Instagram snaps and then its time to head back down. This time its fun, as you can laugh at all the people struggling to make it to the top! Why not! Going down is much easier than going up too, much less sweating!

Should You Visit? 

Check out my thoughts when I reached the top to see if I felt it was worth it!! It felt like a victory, thankfully this was at the very start of my South East Asia Tour! Woa. It. Felt. Good! 1260 steps but well worth a visit the Tiger Temple Krabi Thailand! 

If ya heading to Krab in Thailand then don’t miss the Tiger Temple! Have you been? What did you think? Would you do it all over again?! Bang your comments below for other visitors to Thailand! 


Tiger Temple in Krabi, Thailand
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Tiger Temple in Krabi, Thailand
Giving you a tour of Tiger temple in Krabi, Thailand! No tigers involved trust me!
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