The Tim Ferriss Experiment: Language Learning

Ever since I found out about this guy Tim Ferriss many years ago I always thought he needed his own series, online or TV to help demonstrate his “tests or experiments” to the wider non reading audience and that’s what he has gone and done!

Who is this Tim Ferris?

So you’re asking who is Tim Ferris? Well Tim is an author, entrepreneur, investor, public speaker and by his own admission a human guinea pig. His most famous books so far, which have appeared on New York Times bestseller list include “The 4-Hour Work Week“, “The 4-Hour Chef” and “The 4-Hour body“. He loves taking on the extreme and living life to the max and I love that.

Back to the series at hand…

This series came out a couple of years ago but if you haven’t watched it and learning and finding new things out is your thing then you’re in for a treat on this Tuesday!

So the latest episode I’ve watched is The Time Ferris Experiment: Language Learning, the third episode in the series. In this installment Tim is looking to learn a language in 3 days, with the mission to speak the language in a live on air TV interview. I won’t spoil it anymore just watch it below and let us know what you think!

Tim Ferriss books can all be purchased on Amazon (where I’ve bought all three mentioned above and I highly recommend!).



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