You’re always advised before you go backpacking around the world not to take anything of value, so that clearly means leave that fancy pants watch at home. So what do?

Maybe not wear a watch after all do you really need one in this day and age if you’ve got your phone? Well personally for backpacking its real handy not showing off your phone, so if you want to keep track of the time and lets face it you do so you don’t miss that bus (!) then have I got the watch for you!

The ever so reliable, stylish of course, I give you the classic Casio. GO BUY ONE OF THESE RIGHT NOW. Or if you fancy giving me like a quid then you can get it shipped from Amazon direct to your house through this link.


So why Casio? Well its cheap as, so loosing it or breaking it like mine did after 6 months it is easily replaceable. And guess what it’s under a bloody tenner.

It’s one of the essential items I’d take with me backpacking that’s for sure! What would you take?

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