The Best Hostel in Siem Reap: Downtown Siem Reap Hostel

So, having looked online we were directed to stay at the Mad Monkey in Siem Reap, which don’t get me wrong was good for its party atmosphere (what we are looking for!), though waking up in the 4 bed room next to the swimming pool with blasting out “music” really didn’t help the hangover from the night before. Shame I wanted to like this place.

It wasn’t all that bad really, the bar gets rolling around 10pm with beer bong and free shots every hour or so. The food (mmm pizza was good crack) and drink prices are alrite. Once it closes its bar crawl down the ever so famous pub street – go and see it and party the night away!

The Best Hostel in Siem Reap Cambodia

Back to the best hostel to stay at Siem Reap – much closer to pub street too, is Downtown Siem Reap Hostel. I’m sitting at the bar as I’m typing and its super lively at 5:51pm, though in a good way. The kind of chilled out / getting rolling feeling. We spent a full day and night up at the bar and I’m telling you it was good crack.


We were in a twin room with en suite which is good, top floor. No aircon but the fan does a good enough job. If anything it forces you to go out and enjoy everyone having a good time. It has a swimming pool too and a nice beach feet near the bar. Food is alrite priced, around the same as Mad Monkey though is nice. Try the fish and chips you won’t be disappointed!

So yeah, Downtown Siem Reap hostel is the place to book, It’s day three and we need to leave – well first of all go see the temples at long last – but then we need to leave and head south.

This place is good crack – the owner was born in Bradford too so knows the score. Get a budget and join in and enjoy lovely people.

Want more info – the place has a website.



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