5th to 8th September 2015 visiting Sydney, Australia



The flight was an easy one just been over an hour-long – thank god for flight, Australia is HUGE! It’s an 18 dollar train ride to the center, around 15 minutes gets you to central, museum is where we get off as it’s the closest stop to our hostel – MAZE. The hostel is alrite, we went for a double bed 4 person room as it was like a quid more for each of us, though you still get sharing bathrooms and bunk beds so keep this in mind! Again, very much a workers hostel, not sure I’m sold on the bring your own drinks, it sounds fantastic don’t get me wrong but with no bar not much interaction with others goes on in my experience of it so far.

Wifi isn’t free which after South America (where it is EVERYWHERE) this is disappointing. Its 4 dollars for 24 hours and just about works in your room (2nd floor) though can be super annoying around peak times! The hostel location is good with bars (check the Irish place out on the corner, awesome burger for 13 dollars and 6, yes, 6 dollars Guinness’s!!). The internet comes in handy in a city like this by keep in mind its not the easiest place to actually find nights outs…


On the Saturday around 7pm, got to the hostel, grab some drinks from the drinks shop around the corner and we headed to my friend’s apartment, a girl and her friend who was visiting her from England. We met in Fiji and both were super cool, and as it was her birthday whilst in Fiji so the first Saturday back it was party time at her apartment! Box of killer wine (goon!) for around 10 dollars was to me a non wine drinker just as bad as normal wine so score! A couple of horrible beers too, and we start to get rolling. Shame so many guys at the party (chick party maybe we should have known!), her pad was nice with balcony (it was raining ha) and big TV – 3 bedrooms with two beds in each though so not for me! We play drinking games and head out…..

So this is where Sydney is WORSE than Melbourne. Ok, it’s Saturday and we head to the best clubs down near the harbor. It’s a 20 minutes’ walk but chatting away with drinks we aren’t all that bothered. We queue for abit but having reached the front and shown we were drunk (club like this not drink what a joke!), the other bouncers says oh wait no Nike’s. Black trainers with a tick, nar mate not with those. Like I say, understand its Saturday but what a ball ache for someone that’s traveling (!). We power off after EVERYONE else gets in – this did save us best part of 35 dollars mind on just getting into the place – jokes! All the places down here are the same so wear shoes if you want to experience this place….pizza and its off to bed!


Today was sightseeing day as Sydney does have things to see that are free – thank god! We power around in the red hot sun (it’s getting nice now!) taking pics and grabbing fish and chips – I do love it here, apart from the expensive drinks and killer nightlife! Tonight was cheapish party night at scubar, just 10 minutes’ walk so after pre drinking beers we head here. We do some waffling and queue for just over 30 minutes (I’m told this is normal but no good for me!!) and we get in. Free in but after 12 no longer do doubles or 10 dollars pitcher beers, mega shame. This place was alrite with party type music like chart stuff and plenty of people sweating and bouncing around. Meet some cool people and around 330am we NEED to leave, we do have a flight at 11am! I’m sure that pies from 7/11 with free chilly sauce will kind of help in the morning….here comes 4 hours of drunken sleep!


Train back to the airport this morning is a dollar less as we walked too far (less but greater journey, what the hellllllllllll!). Not as good as check in at Melbourne airport as that was automated (loved it!) but this time round we had to queue for just under an hour. The bird on the checkout desk was funny – we suspect she also went out last night!


As I’m writing this on the 3 hour plane to Cairns I can say I did enjoy Sydney, again somewhere I could eventually live and work – but I won’t be visiting as a traveler as its WAY too expensive – you wouldn’t visit London more than a couple of days as a traveler and this place is the same. I’m looking forward to Cairns and the East Coast as I suspect more partying, funner nights out, more travelers than workers and a funner, cheaper time!

Until next time!

Sydney City rating – 4 out of 5

Too expensive, arsehole bouncers, big queues even on a Monday, lots of workers in the hostels, though I did enjoy the warmer weather here and the free stuff to see. Its awesome mind, so go, take a look and decide for yourself and let me know your thoughts in the comments below!

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