That time when I visited Melbourne

2nd to 5th September 2015 visiting Melbourne, Australia



Arrived on the Tuesday after my delayed flight from Fiji. Not delayed by cancellation but STA booked me on a flight that I couldn’t possibility get as I was in the middle of the sea at the time! So I stayed at Smugglers Cove for my last night in Fiji. Standard million person dorm for 10 quid but the showers were warm so that was grand after my Fiji experience! Anyway’s, onto Melbourne…


We stayed at Nomads as recommended by my mate who had moved from mostly a workers hostel. Workers hotels, something that’s very common in Oz and not all that great for a traveler like myself! Hotel was a little more than the places in South American which I was expecting though the four bed room was pretty good with an en-suite so can’t complain!

The journey from the airport is an easy one with a 18 dollar shuttle running nearly every 10 minutes – score! I jumped off at around 1030pm and walked as quickly as possible to the hostel – around a 10 minutes walk. Dropped my bag into the room after checking and of course right to the bar! Drinks aren’t cheap, which is normally the case for hostels with bars but in any case you’ve got to deal with it. Not many people here that weren’t workers, so we head out only to find that on a Wednesday night its not rolling, so food and bed around 130am was the only result.

The next day roll around the city and take the usual tourist traps. Tonight is Thursday so I was expecting more. We pre drink in the room, grab a beer at the bar and roll to the club round the corner from the hostel. Buggar, forgot my ID, so remember you NEED it to get in as a machine takes a pic! The place wasn’t all that busy, though people here, and the music was, well lets call it “rock”. The DJ was an arse and wouldn’t play any requests – what the hell! Drinks were 5 dollars for a vodka mixer or a mystery bucket – as you can imagine we took full advantage! Fun night and somewhere to go for cheap drinks and slight rock music on a Thursday in Melbourne.


Next night was Friday, so we were expecting big things before our flight the next day. We pre drink as usual but this time with a guy from a place 3 hours from here. After WAY too much vodka for my mate we headed to Breswick area – 5 dollar taxi each wasn’t bad as it was kinda far…..We grab a drink across the road from the bar / club we were heading for, a student type night so expecting plenty of girls and cheap drinks! We queued for over an hour, upon reaching the front the usual Oz questions come out “Id”, “how much have you had to drink?”, “where have you been tonight?”, the usual bullshit. I say a couple of beers but after the same question to my friend he goes off on one and says nar I’m not desperate and stands outside of the queue – insane! The other guy with us also doesn’t get in even though he had like 2 drinks and was proper dressed for it. If you’re English and coming here, my experience so far is that its shite haha but maybe I’m harsh and England is just awesome. Anyways, to try and save the night we head over the road to the only bar we see, grab a 12 dollar drink (lovely aye?!) and chat to some girls. My mate falls asleep at the bar and we are told last orders haha we roll out and as we are very much in need of a taxi we get screwed – nice 40 dollar taxi – lovely stuff.

It’s Saturday 5th and today its quick ride on the same airport bus to get our flight to the next big city at the other side of the world – Sydney!

City rating – 3 out of 5

Not the party place people say it is, over priced drinks, difficult to party and not much to see for free! BUT still one hell of a city to visit and the sun year around (lets face it compared to England!) its a delight!

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