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Surviving A Camping Trip…With The Kids!!

The moment you mention to your kids your plan of doing a camping trip, they will most probably say no.

They will complain about how boring it is. They will also tell you that such activity is too risky.

However, they forget to realize the value of camping but you should go ahead with the plans anyway.

Start by having a small camping activity at home. Rent a tent and set it up outside your house. This will make them feel like they are in an actual camping trip. If they feel uncomfortable or they fear staying outside the house, they can easily go back inside.

Take them to a day trip somewhere else and just go back home at the end of the day. If there is a park nearby, take them there. Zoos, botanical gardens and public pools are also good ideas.

It also helps if you let them be a part of the process. Ask them where they want to go and what activities they want to do during the camping trip. You can also let them decide what food to eat and how long the entire trip will be.

Of course, they will not necessarily provide the best ideas, but the point is that they have been consulted. This makes them feel like the entire trip is their decision and was not just forced on them.

Safety first

Before leaving for the trip, you should inform your kids what to expect. They must have an idea about the dangers of being out there. They must also follow your rules and let them realize the importance of following everything that you say.

If you are bringing other items for safety with you, let them know what the purpose of each item is. Unless used for the intended purposes, they should not touch those items.

Deal with the bigger issues

Once you are done talking to your kids and preparing them for the camp, you should prepare for other issues that must be dealt with. Book the place where you intend to stay. Ask for permission from local rangers.

Check the weather and find out if it is the right time to have this kind of activity. If you receive a warning that it is too risky, postpone the plan and have the camping trip on some other days.

Start planning what to bring with you during the trip. Find out the important contact numbers in the event of an emergency.

There must be a plan B for every part of the process. You have to prepare for the worst case scenarios. Again, this is not the place that you and your kids are used to go. Even if you have tried camping before, you might not have tried camping with your kids with you.

Once you are prepared, it is time to make it happen. Check the infographic below for more information and enjoy the trip with your kids!

Surviving A Camping Trip...With The Kids!!

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