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I Am Dan, Travel Blogger and Digital Marketer


Welcome to my website Here you will find my personal travel experiences and helpful tips on how to save and make money to fund your travels.

I believe travel should be experienced by EVERYONE. I’m on a mission to inspire YOU to travel! 

I believe anyone and everyone can travel. The first step is to save like a madman. Move back in with your parents. Give up that Starbucks coffee. Stop eating out. You don’t need that new shirt. Save like hell and eventually you will thank yourself. Then book that one way ticket. Scary huh? Just do it. The best decision you will ever make. This website is just full of saving tips for travel

Then its all about how to continue the travel lifestyle. In order to do this you need to make an income along the way. Work in a hostel? Perhaps. But a even better way is to use the power of the internet (FREE WIFI is everywhere!). Not only to make money but help spread the word of travel,  tell your stories because trust me you will have them. Tell everyone, inspire others to travel and do what you do. TELL EVERYONE. A website and blogging is the perfect way. You can write about your experiences, tell stories, show where you’ve been, anything. And along the way you will get visitors, you will get a brand, you will get people who love to hear what you’re up to and that my friend is when you can start making money. Its hard work but worth it if the way of travel is now your life (just as it is mine!). This website is just full of making money tips for travel!

I am here to say it is possible, I am living proof that it is. Read my story

The question is, are you ready to save, book that flight and then make money along the way to fund long term travel? Are you? If so, you’re in the right place.  

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How can help?

Whether it has always been your dream or purpose to travel the world or something has happened in your life to FORCE you make the step into the unknown, either way it is not important – the only thing that is important is that you are now planning on an adventure of a life time – your own personal adventure.

Or, you have been or are still traveling and you want to find ways to live this life style for as long as you want.

With my knowledge and experience of the digital marketing world, and of traveling the world for 6 months.

Firstly, lets take a look at digital marketing. I’ve been in this world for 5+ years now and know more than a little bit of how it all works 😉 . How to get your website on Google, how to promote your brand, what SEO / social media / digital marketing is all about, and mostly where do you bloody start?!

I’ve worked with some of the worlds biggest brands whilst working for some of the top agencies, global agencies. I’ve been lucky, real lucky. These experiences have provided me with working knowledge of what is needed to succeed in this space, in this digital world.

Secondary, my experience, first hand experience and the passion that now comes with it, of traveling. Traveling full time. Not living that 9 to 5 fear life that all my friends have. Do you want that? Great, so live it, I am more than happy to tell you this website isn’t for you! Not happy? Don’t want to settle? With my passion of traveling let me put the carrot out there, now go grab it!

I want to share what I know, what knowledge and experience I have built up. The secrets, the tricks, the how to’s. It can be a confusing world, however I’m here, with my mission, to teach you, to show you the way. It can be a steep learning curve, so be ready.


Do you have a Travel Related website? Are you a Digital Nomad? Entrepreneur? Location Independent? I can help you. Not here yet? I can help you too. I can help you all. Where to start? Below. Firstly, lets get all this into a possibility, lets get finances in order so you can save to travel, and put funds a side, very small amounts of funds to get your website up and running, or to help you push your current one. Lets see how you can Save Money To Travel!

Then lets see how you can live this, FOREVER. Let me share my digital marketing experience with you. I’ve got it, lots of it, come on this journey with me and let me show you the ins and outs, the secrets, the tricks, the how to’s – this normally costs THOUSANDS PER MONTH – I’m sharing it for free, FREE – right here. Lets see how you can Make Money To Travel! 

Why Dan Can Help You Do This

This is an easy one! I want to help you travel the world and at the same time for you to make money to fund even more travels! Trust me once you travel you won’t ever want to stop! It changes you entire mindset on life! Don’t get me wrong a successful business online isn’t an easy thing to achieve but with my help hopefully you will have the passion and determination from wanting to travel even more to drive you ahead and make it a win!

So why Dan?

  • I’ve done it personally! (Saved twice in as many years, quit 9 to 5 world TWICE, traveled the world and not looked back!)
  • I’ve traveled to Latin America, North America, Europe, Australia and Far East Asia and I want to share my wisdom and experiences!
  • I don’t do bullshit! What you read / see / listen is what you get! I speak my mind and tell you how it is!
  • I actually make money with this very site to fund my travels!
  • I can spot an online get rich scheme scam online in a second! 
  • I’m a Digital Marketing having worked for 6+ years for two of the UK’s leading Digital Marketing Agencies, managing all digital marketing campaigns (from SEO, to PPC, social and Display) for big brands so I know a thing or two on how the internet works and I want to pass that knowledge and experience onto you!

I’m here to help you. To guide you to the best decision you will ever, ever make. To quit and travel the world. Wanna speak to me? Awesome, hit up contact me