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IAmDanElson.com wants to help you to Improve Your Life Through Travel & Remote Working by providing your guides, adventures to inspire you and offer awesome products and services to help you become a Digital Nomad. 

We believe travel should be experienced by EVERYONE and because of that, we’re on a mission to Improve Your Life Through Travel & Remote Working. 

We believe deep down we all want to improve our lives and live the life we want to do. And travel can inspire you to do this.  Anyone and everyone can start this journey. IAmDanElson.com is here to assist you!

How To Have The Money To Travel

The Very First Step

The first step to be taken is to save like a madman (or women!). How?! Move back in with your parents. Give up that Starbucks coffee. Stop eating out. You don’t need that new shirt. Do all of these things. Save like hell and eventually, you will have enough in the bank to book that all important first flight.

It’s all about setting yourself up for the long game. Buying that daily Starbucks coffee or purchasing a new branded T-shirt won’t help you. If you are serious about improving your life through travel and remotely working you can do it. I know you can. Because I’ve done it. Read my saving blueprint

Now with that cash in the bank BOOK THAT ONE WAY TICKET. Where have you always wanted to visit? Book the flight there. STOP READING AND DO THIS NOW.

Kinda scary huh? Yeah it can be. But that is what you need to do. Just do it. DO IT NOW! It will turn out to be the very best decision you will ever make.

Then What?

How To Become A Digital Nomad

You’ve visited that country you’ve always wanted to visit. Awesome. I bet you loved it yeah? Bet you’re realizing that this isn’t all that scary. Your mind is a bitch for that. And now you want to continue this lifestyle but how?

Shopify.com the best platform to build your own e-commerce website that you can run from anywhere – remote working!

You have a couple of options:

  1. Wait until your saving are GONE and panic (we don’t want to do this!)
  2. Get a job in hostel (Not bad idea, but this is more saving money along the way than MAKING money and being able to work remotely)
  3. Learn a skill you can charge for and set up your own online business

Looking to live this lifestyle? Choose option number 3.

Now pick your fave 2nd or 3rd world country. And get there by any means necessary.

Tell Me How!

The big secret? You have to become a Digital Nomad. Use the power of the internet (FREE WIFI is everywhere!) and build an online business. You can build a business about anything you want!

The approach you should be aiming for is to learn a skill (s) you can do remotely, use your own personality to build your very own online brand and promote a product or your new skills as a service.

The Online Approach

Learn a skill (s) you can do remotely

Start a website promoting your brand and your new skill (s)

Build up your brand online through social media & guest blogging

Direct traffic from your social media and guest blogging to your website

Build an online tribe by being yourself and talking about your new skill (s)

Offer a free downloadable product in return for email addresses

Promote free value, value, and more value

Build a product or offer your new skill (s) as a service to solve your tribe’s problems or questions

Promote your product or new skill (s) as a service to your email database, through your social media & website

OR, build an e-commerce website with Shopify.com & dropship products from anywhere around the world 

Make money to fuel your travels & continue to live the life you want

Congratulations you’re now traveling the world and remote working! You’re a Digital Nomad.

We’re not saying this is easy. It’s HARD, HARD, HARD work but it can be done. It really can be done.

Ask yourself how badly do you want to choose the life you want to live? What will happen if you don’t live the life you want to live?

Ask yourself these questions, daily.

Now go book that first flight and be on your own personal journey to live the life you want to live.

To help get you started on this journey check out our articles in Remote Working. Already have a website? Download our very first digital product that will help you generate free relevant traffic to your website through understanding how digital marketing agencies approach SEO.

Improve Your Life Through Travel & Remote Working. 

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