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Visiting Siem Reap Cambodia for the second time in two years was always going to be super fun times. And, in 2016 Siem Reap did not disappoint!

Not only was it awesome for two of the best party hostels I’ve stayed at in South East Asia (I’m looking at you Mad Monkey and Funky Flashpackers!!), the spicy food, cheap alcohol but its also amazing place to shoot some guns!

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I’ve always wanted to give it a try and as people kept saying “aren’t you guys going to do something cultural whilst you’re here?!” we decided to deliver on this and go off and shoot all the guns!

And this blog post is all about that, so sit back and enjoy!

Shooting Guns in Siem Reap Cambodia!


Lets shoot some guns yo!

Why Siem Reap?

We hit up Siem Reap because I knew from 2015 this is party city, as well as having other fun activities such as gun shooting!

I missed out in 2015 when visiting as just didn’t get around to it and decided it would be “better” in Vietnam. But it wasn’t – lets just say that once you’ve got the chance to do something, do it, there and then!

Once you’ve got the chance to do it, do it there and then! Just say YES!

Whats the Crac? 

We were looking through the “activities you can book in Siem Reap” at the Mad Monkey hostel and it had all the usual things such as cooking classes, horse hiding, shopping, blah blah blah. oooo whats this?! Shooting guns, OH HELL YEAH!!

At this point in the trip, been the first (technically 2nd country on the trip) money wasn’t really an issue and it was more about the experiences than worrying about money! So shooting guns was deffo on the cards!


We booked the “trip” the next day through Mad Monkey hostel for the tuc tuc to take us to the shooting place. Thank god we booked it through the hostel! Otherwise I would have questioned driving along the dirt track road on the outer city track of Siem Reap, in the middle of nowhere!! 

All was well though, and we made it to a somewhat military camp, awesome, lets do this!

When we arrived, we sat down at a table in the middle of the most amount of guns I’ve seen outside of movies and was given this….


Choose what you like from the menu!!

The Gun Menu!

No shit dude! That was the gun menu we were handed! An A4 piece of laminated paper with all the options you can dream off!

Clearly our photo got some English out of the Cambodian’s shouting “NO PHOTO, NO PHOTO!” but photo’s weren’t an issue once we shown an interest in shooting ALL THE GUNNNNNNNNNNNNNNNS

I do enjoy seeing the drinks section on the guns menu! Don’t even remember reading this at the time – how strange seeing the guns and the drinks on the same page!! Bloody love Cambodia! 

We were told that the “Rocket” was their fave, well of course, just look at that price! We saw a couple of vids from people staying at our hostel who took advantage of this amazing offer to fire a ROCKET, and oh it did look like fun! Next time, next time…..

So we had the most fun ever, and in that case, I mean shooting all the guns! In order to shoot the most amount of guns and not blow all our money we decided to share magazines. More than enough bullets to try them all about!

The Gun Shooting

On with the shooting!

At first we were shown the indoor shooting range which was rather fun in the boiling hot weather of Siem Reap! Dripping of sweat after was always going to happen but what fun! The additional funds to shoot coconuts was well worth it! Ask if you don’t get offered this!!

Shooting the M60 indoors was INTENSE!

Lets take this outside!


Lets take this outside!


Guns at the ready!

We then moved to the outdoor shooting range – maybe the dudes thought we were going to pass out due to the extreme heat inside!

Outdoors was of course fun too! We even had an audience cheering us on in the form of the local dog! 

We were here for hours shooting guns, hell of a time! AWESOMENESSES

We tried loads of guns out, it was all sorts of awesome fun! Check out the vid below!

Would I Recommend Shooting Guns in Siem Reap? 

OH HELL YEAH! Recommend the shit out of it!

Super fun day out, the next time you’re in Siem Reap go grab yourself an Arnold Schwarzenegger singlet and book the trip from Mad Monkey and enjoy one of your most amazing, awesome days out EVER!



Good shooting? You decide!

Have you tried shooting guns in Siem Reap? Did this inspire you to visit Siem Reap? Bang a comment below!

Shooting Guns in Siem Reap Cambodia!
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Shooting Guns in Siem Reap Cambodia!
Shooting Guns in Siem Reap Cambodia! One of the most awesome things i did on my travel in 2016, shooting guns in Siem Reap! Check it!
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