Just like the title says. This is my guide to sell shit and make money.

Not actual shit. Otherwise I would be a master salesman. I am not. Not in the slightest BUT it is now real easy to sell online. And, I am doing this right now. Right now things I no longer want or need or ever use or just can not fit in my backpack! I am selling these things RIGHT NOW. Why aren’t you?



Ebay makes it real easy. Even easier with its mobile app. Get it downloaded now, go on I will wait. Got it? Excellent, lets Sell Shit, Make Money. You want to travel don’t you?!

Once you have Ebay app downloaded, get yourself a Ebay account, don’t worry its free and easy to set up. Go over to PayPal and get an account set up, again this is free. You are going to need PayPal to receive money. It is all internet things, and makes it quick and super secure so nothing to worry about. All set? Great, time to SELL!

What do I do Next?!

Take a look around your house / apartment and even your folks house, its amazing stuff that is still around from your childhood! Keep hold of only the things that really MEAN something, the rest as they say can be history.

Search for what you are selling, find it, scroll down, click on “sell similar item” and boom only a couple of steps – the exciting bits like setting the sell price (!) then its done. All in all around 5 minutes of “work”. Add some buzzwords into the title, some of my faves “RARE”, “RETRO”, “HARDLY USED”. Get it up and wait for it to sell. I would suggest selling around the same price as others are selling (Duh!) unless its a bit iffy or broken or you just want some quick cash. Don’t worry, you receive an email once its sold, and another one from PayPal saying you have received your funds!

TOP TIP: People do not tend to check out the delivery cost. It is almost an after thought! So remember to put it in, and if you struggle to sell then put the selling price lower and add more to the delivery cost!

Its sold – what do next?!

Sold your first item? Awesome! Money in the bag. Bang it in an envelope if it fits or a carrier bag from your local supermarket, sellotape a piece of paper with the buyers address on and head to your local post office. Anything small like computer games or clothing will be less than £2, so just remember that is what you would need to put as delivery cost.

It is as simple as that. So go do it! The internet is awesome, it has given the average Joe like me and you the chance to husle, sell, and make cash quickly. Ignore the scams that promise get rich quick, things like energy and time and effort are needed to make money, however sometimes like this, using Ebay on your smartphone makes it all that much easier to sell stuff you do not need any more!


Give it a go. I have made £30 in the last 60 days. And more will be on its way REAL SOON! Aye, I know it’s not a lot but £30 in my travel fund is much better than sitting in the garage, or my loft! Get it on Ebay and get some cash back!

Had success with Ebay too? What is your biggest win? Send out motivation for others and post below!





Dan Elson
Entrepreneur, Digital Marketer,
& Traveler of Worlds


Dan Elson Entrepreneur, Digital Marketer, & Traveler of Worlds

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