I booked a round the world trip in March, quit my 9 to 5 job and that was it I was going to RIO!!

Yes, Rio, Brazil, South America, somewhere I had never been – never mind on my own! Yes it was a bit oooo its Brazil and i have heard some dodgy stuff BUT how much happens where you live, really? Have common sense and you will be fine!

When I landed I was like this is MENTAL. I lost my bag, but got it delivered to my hostel three days later – so just remember as long as you are still alive you are fine! Honest, this is the number one thing that i learnt traveling the world. Something I will never forget…

Anyways, back to Rio. It was awesome. Like really awesome. Having the travel book Lonely Planet book on South America was really, and I mean really useful. I knew what I wanted to go see, and where it was and how to get there – i do not speak the language so that is really damn useful. Going to Brazil? South America? This really is your bible, and less than £20 at Amazon – winner!

What is a must? Big Jesus, a local football match (the atmosphere, the lights and the flair of football AND the stadiums from the World Cup? You will love it if a footy fan like me!), the local market, the nightlife, the Copacabana Beach (below) – so much to see and experience! So little time….

Some of my best pictures from my time in Rio…..


IMG_20150626_134538 big-jesus-dan big-jesus brazilian-football



This really is a must see for EVERYONE. When I went to see big Jesus it was cloudy but STILL it was an amazing experience a must see for any traveler!

Have you been to Brazil yet? What is stopping you? Got questions? Shout. But the best advise I can give you is – BOOK IT. Just book your flight and you are going. You will be there, seeing the sights, experiencing the land that is Brazil and you will LOVE IT.

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