Best Hostels In Sydney, Australia

Summary of this blog post You have landed here because you’re looking for the best hostels in Sydney, Australia. Well, that is almost impossible to find in Sydney! In Australia in fact! And I personally make it a habit of never using the word impossible, as nothing is ever impossible! What I mean is that […]

Hostel Review: Bodega, Phuket Thailand

Summary of blog post This is a quick review of the hostel “Bodega” where I stayed on 11th October 2016 in Phuket, Thailand. Location Real good location as its right in the centre of the town (location Patong Beach). Easy access to restaurants and bars, and the main party road Bangla “Walking Street” Road! Sleeping […]

Awesome Travel Resources

Before I went traveling back in 2015 i would have bloody loved a list like this! Yeah, thats big headed as I wrote this article, however all i found before i went traveling in June 2015 was the cheesy, clickbait articles such as “These websites will help you plan your trip”, “why not use these […]

Review: The Rock Alarm App

Review: The Rock Alarm App It is new so maybe you have not come across the latest app and the only app from The Rock. The Rock. Or you may know him for his actual name, Dwayne Johnson or a mixture of both Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson. Whatever, or wherever you know his name from what is […]