Review: The Rock Alarm App

Review: The Rock Alarm App

It is new so maybe you have not come across the latest app and the only app from The Rock.

The Rock. Or you may know him for his actual name, Dwayne Johnson or a mixture of both¬†Dwayne “The Rock”¬†Johnson. Whatever, or wherever you know his name from what is more important now is knowing about his latest venture into the App world.

That is right The Rock has his own APP. And you need it.


Why? It will motivate the living hell out of you. That is why.

  1. Go to Play Store on your mobile RIGHT NOW
  2. Search The Rock Alarm App
  3. Download and install
  4. Open and best App known to Man
  5. Set your goal and time
  6. Then set your alarm tone (the classic ring tone just makes you laugh so I went for the classic Rock sound track from his days in WWE)

Set it and like me get excited for the next time your alarm wakes you up (I’m currently excited, maybe I will not be why it actually starts to wake me up at 630am!!)

BOOM. You are done. Just you wait until the next time you wake up. With The Rock shouting the crap out of you to get up. Talking about Motivation!

BONUS: Pick the time The Rock gets up (Take a look at that wake up time, Jeez that guy is mental!) and go full on “Can You SMELL What The Rock Is Cooking” (Wrestling reference!)



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