Elephone P2000 – Cheap alternative to iPhone!

UPDATED: This phone is no longer available to purchase. Elephone have a huge selection of smart phones on Amazon

So, are you intrigued of all these smart phones that are selling by the millions across the pond (or a couple!) over in China?

I was. A phone that’s not £500 quid! I thought is this possible? Well, for £135 quid it was going into the unknown – I like to do that, I think it matters.

Review Elephone P2000

I struggled to find one that i wanted. The market is so saturated now, even more so in China! I searched high and low for top 10 phones in 2014 / 2013, which china phones to buy etc…

I couldn’t find so a leap of faith.

One of the first things you will see it’s massive. MASSIVE. I thought 5’5inch would be fine and dandy, well I was surprised that the box was practically the same size! Though, I’ve got use to it, and as we all know iPhone 6 is now here – even bigger!

It runs latest Android, camera works and I’ve found no issues. USB charger, these can be purchased from pound shops if you require any more.

I’d recommend this phone if you don’t want to spend up to £500 on a new phone, and want something different. Become an individual  and go for a phone someone will ask you about.


The phone is available to buy from Amazon (it’s where I purchased it from!), quick, easy and free delivery Elephone P2000

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Have you tried a iPhone alternative? Whats your experiences? 



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