Review: Clarks Originals Desert Boot Beeswax

Review: Clarks Originals Desert Boot Beeswax

I have owned a pair of the Clarks Original Desert Boots in Beeswax now for well over two years. These are AWESOME.

My personal taste is for the Beeswax version. Though other colours and styles are available in your local Clarks shop or online at Amazon.

These are perfect for everyday wear. Go with almost any colour trouser. A deffo item of footwear to own.

Even though I have had mine for over two years, and with laces have snapped twice (Clarks did replace these once for FREE because Clarks do not sell laces for these, amazingly!) I still LOVE these.

Without a doubt my favourite pair of footwear. Stylish, preppy and comfortable. Just what you want yeah?




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