Looking for the ideal notebook to travel with? I would recommend the ASUS X205TA. Read why right here!


It was a decision I had to make first of all – do I really need a notebook / laptop whilst travelling the world? I put together my thoughts on this and you can read them here.

This is my review of the laptop I choose to purchase for my world trip – ASUS X205TA 11.6Inch Laptop Notebook

This thing is a beauty and in this unbiased review I am going to tell you why!


  • Compact laptop with a full-size keyboard
  • Connected Standby technology for a smartphone-like Windows 10 computing experience
  • Powered by a quad core Intel Atom processor
  • Quick 2 second boot up and boot down
  • Intel Atom Z3735 1.33 GHz Processor
  • 2 GB RAM
  • 32 GB eMMC
  • WIFI Technology
  • 2 USB Ports
  • Up to 12 hours of battery life (how amazing is that for those long trips!!)
  • Amazing light 980 g
  • 11 inch screen
  • Integrated Graphics
  • Windows 10 (I purchased with Windows 7 with a full free update you can download but the latest version of the laptop comes with it pre installed – bonus!)

Things I Like:

  • Super lightweight design is awesome. Fit in my Osprey Backpack with ease and I could not even feel it!
  • Long battery life of 12 hours – OK, OK do not get carried away this was tested only use of the browser and know doubt loads of other things but still for me I was never let down by the battery and it did not take long to charge either
  • Is it quick – OK, OK it is not going to be super quick for these specs and the cost but I never had a problem with it, it did what I needed to do and it never let me know
  • 2 second boot up was a feature that I was not looking for but comes in handy when you have reached a service station on the road and NEED to rush to the toilet. It is a cool feature for any laptop / notebook
  • Cost – at just under £100 this was exactly what I was looking for. Useful, practical and I would not be bummed if it went walkies!

Things I Dislike:

  • 11 inch screen I really had to come to terms with it. At first it was a pain as things can be small but you get use to it and it allows for it to be super light weight, more important for a travel laptop / notebook do you not think?
  • 32 GB hard drive is a pain. Yeah, you get 2 years free cloud storage (which I have not taken advanced of, yet!) but this soon gets filled with your awesome travels pics! I purchased an external hard drive for around £40 so not too expensive and this pushed the storage memory to over 1TB – more than enough AND you have somewhere else to store your memories so less likely to loose any!

Amazon Customer Review:

By PixelPartner on 28 Dec. 2014

Style Name: Windows 8.1Colour Name: Blue

Very slim and light, with enough power for everyday tasks and with a one year Office365 personal subscription included, this is a bargain mini laptop from Asus. Budget for an extra 64GB microSD or USB memory stick and you’re good to go.

I’ve had the X205TA for 2 weeks now and have tried it out with a number of applications. Here are my findings…

This is a very light laptop with a very slim form factor. The outer shell has a matte finish and the chassis feels sturdy with minimal flex. It has a `full size’ keyboard with small cursors and a very large trackpad. I’m typing on it now and if you’re used to a chiclet keyboard with little key travel you’ll feel at home. The trackpad is usable but can be a little skittish, and you may `catch’ it by accident occasionally. A mouse will be better for any precise work.

You need to allow up to an hour for the initial (large) batch of Windows updates to download and install before you can start to use the laptop fully. I had no driver issues or obvious problems following the initial batch of Windows updates.

The screen is better than some reviews would have you believe. The viewing angles are poor but that’s normal for a TN panel and face-on you’ll have no problems. The resolution of 1366×768 is standard for this size screen and is perfectly ample. It’s a glare screen so you won’t be able to use it outdoors in bright sunlight. It is NOT a touch screen.

There are 2 small speakers which emit from the base of the unit. The output is surprisingly loud and fine for watching occasional videos, but there’s very little base.

 More customer reviews can be found on the product page on Amazon

Final Verdict – Did I make the correct decision with the ASUS X205TA?

So all in all did I make a good decision purchasing the ASOS X205TA? Hell YEAH!

It does what I wanted out of a laptop / notebook for traveling (mentioned in my previous post) and it does it amazingly well. Not many dislikes from me make this a hell of a laptop for traveling. Looking to purchase one for your next trip? I would recommend the ASUS X205TA hands down.

You can purchase the ASOS X205TA Laptop Notebook under £100 from Amazon.

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