Before I went to South America I didn’t know really what i was going to do. I was flying into Brazil and around 8 weeks later flying out of Lima Peru. I;ve ever done anything else this before, never been to South American nor traveled on my own. It would be an adventure that in the end has changed my life!

One of the big things i had to deal with was traveling from one side of South America to the other! What a task, what an adventure! This is the story of my travels around Peru. How i did it and my thoughts on the company I used Peru Hop

Who’s this Peru Hop You Speak Of?

Lets get to it. Peru Hop is a specialised backpacker company set up to help you navigate one of two countries Bolivia and Peru. I didn’t use the company in Bolivia as I wasn’t aware of them but soon heard very positive experiences from other backpackers so I took a look!

So two version Bolivia Hop and Peru Hop. As i only used Peru Hop this review will focus on that. Have your own thoughts on Bolivia Hop or even Peru Hop? Awesome, its awesome to share and inspire people to travel so hit up my Contributors Adventures section to find out how you can be featured on

Does Dan Recommend Peru Hop?

That’s an easy one! Dan does indeed!

Whats the crack?

The crack – or if you don’t know that phrase the deal or the score (i love these phrases haha) with Peru Hop is that it’s a really easy way to get around Peru. It’s a dedicated travel service one way, Hop On Hop Off Bus service that gets you from one side of Peru to the other and gives you the opportunity to book some awesome things along the way!

You’ve got the option of three different routes (I chose Lima without the Lake as i’d already been to Lake Titicaca in Bolivia/Peru) that you can check out below


Why Does Dan Recommend Peru Hop?

First of all let me say this isn’t sponsored or paid for by Peru Hop. This is totally Dan speaking his mind to help you travel around Peru!

I personally recommend using Peru Hop for the following reasons!

  • You travel with other backpackers
  • Safe way to travel Peru
  • Comfortable, leather seater, USB port enabled buses often with fewer people than seats! So awesome to have more space than just one seat!
  • Onboard toilets (a big deal) with Aircon
  • English speaking guide who couldn’t do enough for you like booking your hostel at your next stop and then went out and showed you the local places to drink and eat!
  • English speaking films to keep you entertained across the MASSIVE country of Peru
  • Provided me with the quietest and least hassle way to get from one side to the other of Peru so I landed in Lima in time for my flight!
  • FREEBIES! I received free tours of Paracas Reserve, Nazca Viewing Tower and Pisco Vineyard Tour
  • And not only that but Peru Hop have arranged deals with hostels and tours, and provide you with a list of the best (least worse! ha) tour companies the guys from Peru Hop have personally used!

I guess the only downside is that its more expensive than getting just random buses around. I didn’t have time to do this and I was glad I chose Peru Hop in the end. Not only that booked I met some awesome friends along the way, and took trips that our guide helped me book for my flight over the Nazca Lines (!!!!) and done buggy and sandboarding in the almighty awesome desert oasis in South America Huacachina!

I enjoyed it so much I went out of my way by posting a review on TripAdvisor! Check it out here 

How Do I Book Peru Hop?

When I was in Cusco I visited the official office located in the centre. Peru Hop have leaflets all over the hostels and were recommended my other backpackers and hostel staff. I’d recommend you hitting up the head office in Cusco and speaking to them. The guys were super helpful and will not be hassling you to buy! Failing that you can find out more details on

Not got The Time To Read? Dan got you covered!

I know how it is. You’re searching for the info, you need it right now to make a decision. I hear you! I created a quick video to help explain Peru Hop and my thoughts on using it. I highly recommend Peru Hop. Check it out in the less than 2 minute video below for your convenience!

Heading to Peru? Not sure how to get around? I’d recommend Peru Hop!



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Dan Elson Entrepreneur, Digital Marketer, & Traveler of Worlds

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