Guest Post by Kim Koenen. You can find out more about Kim, and view her online portfolio by visiting her website and follow her journey on instagram.

Quit YOUR Job & Lead The Life You Want

Introduction to Kim Koenen

I would like to briefly introduce myself first. My name is Kim Koenen, Art Director/Graphic Designer/Stylist and soon becoming a world traveler. Who is on a mission to create freedom in business and seeking some adventure in life.

My ideal future is to run my own creative business from my laptop and a smartphone. And live in our 4×4 MAN truck, traveling the world and making beautiful designs along the way. The world is becoming my new backyard 😉
My boyfriend and I are building an expedition mobile to travel the world with. It’s not finished yet but it soon will be 🙂

I was working 40 to 50 hours a week at an advertising company. But 3 weeks ago I quit my job.

This is what happened…..

My Journey So Far & Where I Am Heading

We are conditioned by society to follow the herd and do what everyone else is doing.

People are asking me: why I would leave such a good position with a steady income. They told me I’m crazy for quitting my job. In my head a voice tells me “you know, maybe they’re right.” I know that I am reacting like this because society tells me that what I’m doing isn’t normal, but is it? Why do we have to be stuck in a 9 to 5 job while we’re not happy? Working for someone else’s dream…

I have worked for some big accounts the past year mainly in the Retail Fashion segment., Lake side and vanHaren. My life was busy and always stressful. That’s not the way creativity works. Creating things and making the world prettier is my passion in life. The only thing I really don’t like about my previous jobs. Is the environment in which it takes place. 9 to 5 is not my thing, neither is working for a boss. The same walls every day makes me feel like I’m a bird in a cage. 😉 Come on, the world is so big, pretty and inspiring! I want to travel, I want freedom, and living life on my own terms.

When I was working fulltime, I observed my colleagues, and the stuff they talked about. They were always complaining, about their boss, about stress, paychecks. They were always longing for the weekend. And when it was Monday they were complaining about the upcoming workweek. It opened my eyes, I was becoming one of those people. But it’s my life and you only live it once. So why would you be complaining about your job. It should be fun, at art school everything was awesome, I loved what I was doing. But in this corporate life it sucks, big time.
So that has to change.

We came up with this way of traveling, because my brother in law and his girlfriend have had this lifestyle for about a year now. They have changed a lot over the past year. And are looking at life in a very different way. And I can totally relate to that, the way they talk about it. It matches with the way I saw life but I couldn’t place it. But now everything is falling into place. It’s really inspiring.

Working like a digital nomad sounds perfect. Creating between palms, Finnish pines or just in a local Moroccan coffee shop sounds great. I want to discover this digital nomad lifestyle and make it my own.

Our 4×4 dream (the camper) is not ready yet and I’m not there yet as a Digital Nomad. But I will get there. And when our home is finished, I think we are heading to Morocco or Greece, or maybe Portugal. I don’t really care as long as there is sun, some good vibes and we get to meet some nice people. I can’t wait!


New Home on Wheels!



Work in progress home!

So if you want to collaborate, or are you just curious about my portfolio. Take a look at my portfolio: and lets talk!


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Quit YOUR Job & Lead The Life You Want | Guest Post
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Quit YOUR Job & Lead The Life You Want | Guest Post
Quit YOUR Job & Lead The Life You Want . Guest post by Kim Koenen who speaks from the heart on moving away from 9 to 5 to follow her creative passions!
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