I am trying to save money so I can go traveling again, and perhaps if you are reading this you are too! That is why you are trying your best not to buy that new watch, new pair of trainers or even that cup of coffee from Starbucks! Though you may have to buy something at some point during your savings, and that my friend is where QuidCo can help!

Not heard of QuidCo? Well short story, it gives you cashback for your purchases online. That is basically it! So, free money back when you buy! Who does not want that right?! All one has to do is before you buy something online, sign in, search for the website and if the website has a deal with QuidCo click the link that takes you to the website buy as normal and you will be emailed telling you how much cashback you will receive! Easy!

With over 6 million, that is MILLION (!), members to date and counting do not miss out on using this quick and easy to make money on purchases!

It is such a win. For those of you who are thinking “free money back when I buy something online? Must be a con or scam!!”. Well, I can tell you it is not! Fully legit way to receive money back when you next buy from the likes of Amazon, Argos just to name two massive retailers!

I hear you WHAT DO I NEED TO DO TO GET IN ON THIS?! Follow the quick steps below

  1. Click here to sign up for QuidCo!
  2. Sign up, either create an account or through your Facebook login (so, so, SO easy!)
  3. Then boom, you are in on the QuidCo club
  4. Next time you are going to buy from Amazon, go on QuidCo website, sign in search for Amazon and click through the link to Amazon, buy as usual and your cashback will be tracked!

As I said I am trying to save as much cash as possible so that I have as much as possible the next time I travel, however when I do need to buy something or a present I always check to see if the website is on QuidCo – just imagine if you are booking flights or a holiday! The cashback can be very nice indeed!

Here is a breakdown of some of the best cashback rates at the moment!

  • M&S earn up to 5% Cashback!
  • Currys earn up to 5% Cashback on all sales over £500!
  • HP earn up to 5% Cashback (new laptop for your next travel trip anyone?)!
  • Lowcoast Holidays earn up to 5% Cashback!

I recently introduced my sister to the magic world of cashback and she could not believe it! She has bought a new laptop, and you guessed it received cashback! She has also booked flights for later in the summer to explore Far East Asia, a brand new camera to record all the awesome adventures, and again, received large sums of cashback in return all for just clicking on a link!

So, what are you waiting for? It is a sure fire way to make some cash even when you are buying stuff! Head over to QuidCo and start receiving cashback on your purchases!

Comment below how much you have received in cashback since you became a member! Spread the word!



Dan Elson Entrepreneur, Digital Marketer, & Traveler of Worlds

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