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I love to party. Like really love to party! Why? Because it makes me feel ALIVE.

And, isn’t that what we are all seeking in live? Finding that “thing” or “things” that make you feel alive, that makes it feel like time stops but for a very good reason.

And, that my friend, is what this blog post is about. Its about my time partying in South East Asia, particularly Cambodia.

Mainly Cambodia because I’m lazy and already pre made a video for this very post (while back now!) and because Cambodia, well Cambodia is just awesome for partying. Trust me on this one bro!

Lets get to it!

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Partying In Cambodia!

Why Cambodia To Party?

Why? Its recommended by Dan that’s why!


$1 beers. That should do enough to get your attention! 

Mad Monkey hostels, the party South East Asia hostels, are here in abundance so that should tell you something right away!

All drinks are incredibly cheap here too. BIG WIN for fellow backpackers traveling Far East Asia! 

Everything is in american dollars (unless its less than a dollar then you will get local currency back!) which makes it super easy to work things out, and often super easy to get another beer – $1 beer please!

Head down Pub Street in Siem Reap for 50 cent or even at some places, 25 cent beers. LOVE CAMBODIA!

In summary:

  • American Dollars is main currency so take plenty
  • Free cash withdraws from ATM’s 
  • $1 beers and often even cheaper on happy hour!
  • $2 packets of Cigarettes! (Not that I smoke but cigars come cheap too!) 
  • Cheap food in local restaurants! 
  • Cheap hostels, like super cheap compared to the likes of Europe party places (hello $7 dorms!) 
  • Spirits in supermarkets are super cheap (hello $10 Jim Bean!!!) 
  • 3 awesome places to hit up on the backpacker route to party your arse off! 
  • Koh Rong (this just needs its own bullet point its that awesome!)

Its one of the cheapest places I’ve ever visited for bottles of spirits in supermarkets! Take advantage! 


Hit up Pub Street Happy Hour for 50 cent beers!

Where To Party In Cambodia?

Cambodia is one of those countries that you don’t really associate with partying. I’ve not really seen it on “Top party destinations around the world” lists and that’s a real shame. I just love it!

Cambodia has three main party places:

  • Siem Reap
  • Phnom Penh
  • Koh Rong (Make sure you go to the right island!)

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Siem Reap


This is the first stop on the backpacking tour.

Its a city but very small and compact, and that is why i love it. 

I’ve been here twice now (or is it more?!) and last time, back in October 2016 it was for around 2 weeks! If that doesn’t tell you its made for partying and having fun then nothing does!

Staying at either of the party hostels, Mad Monkey or Flunky Flashpackers, both equally awesome and both feel like resorts you’d get in the likes of Ayia Napa or Ibiza back in Europe but for less than $10 a night! WIN. More dollar for fun yeah!


Mad Monkey Drinks Menu! Watch out for those Grenades!!

Stay at either one, or like me, mix it up and stay at both. TOO EASY. 

Both Mad Monkey & Flunky Flashpackers was named in my 13 Best Party Hostels round up post!

Wanna know what I did? I loved staying at Flunky. It meant we had a twin room for a dollar or so more than Mad Monkey dorm, which was nice….AND the bar / food is 24 hours 7 days a week. You read that right! Who doesn’t want a pizza at 5am when you’ve hit it hard all night?!


Funky All Lit Up!

Chill here in the day, couple of drinks, watch the party games/excuse to drink loads during the day and get involved (see vid below for an idea on what I’m talking about). Then its time to prop up the bar and start to hit it.

Great place for football watching too, showed all Manchester United matches and other less awesome teams whilst I was staying.


After sunset the bar then starts to fill up, plenty of chatting and meeting peeps and boom, its around 10ish and its time to hit up Mad Monkey.

Grab a walking beer from the supermarket over the road and head to Mad Monkey rooftop bar (this is an awesome space, bar, outside section and SAND INSIDE THE BAR!) to start the party! Its only like a 5 minute walk but a walking beer is always needed!

Mad Monkey’s bar once the sun goes down gets crazyyyyyyyyy, especially on weekends.

Around 12 ish everyone gets kicked out and its time to hit up Pub Street – what fun times!

That’s just a general night really!!

Some nights it was a sneaky drink or two in the room (spirits in supermarkets are insanely cheap!!) then hit up the bar, and sometimes in Funky it was rolling, other nights not so much so head to Mad Monkey. Play it by ear, though I’m certain you will have a jolly good time.


Awesome food & drink at Funky’s 24/7 bar!

Siem Reap has other awesome things too, such as Angkor Wat (say what!), and shooting (yes shooting but that’s a whole other blog post!!).

Plenty to do in the day, but plenty of options to party hard too!

Oh, and this is a biggy, do not, I must repeat DO NOT miss the boat / booze cruise from the team at Mad Monkey.

Like don’t, at all, miss this.

We had a BIG think at the time, and it turned out to be mental. So much fun. Ryan Dunn lookalike put on a hell of a show….

Siem Reap, I LOVE YOU! 

Phnom Penh

Big arse city.

But don’t let that put you off!

Its on the way to Sville (shityville), the one and only road to reach the south and then boat to the party island of Koh Rong!

So, why not stop off for a couple of nights and check out the party? That’s what I’ve done twice, and loved it!

Mad Monkey hostel (look out for that sneaky monkey face sign!!)is your friend again here. Its a tall arse hostel with small steps leading to the bar at the very top, no rooftop bar here though but still its an awesome space that gets rolling just after the sun goes down – awesome!


The sign of a goooooood time!

Oh, and don’t forget to get a Mad Monkey passport! Drink enough (ofc!) and get yourself a free vest! WIN!


Complete your Mad Monkey passport & get a free vest!!

We hit up the bar a couple of nights, often with a theme like free punch out of a big box (Haha amazing times!) or just hitting the Mad Monkey drinks leaderboard (By country, so make your country proud and drink shit tons of these, each Mad Monkey has its own too!). 


Do your country proud! Get a point on the drinking board, or 10!

As its a big city, its a tuk tuk to the nightlife. No biggy, often $2 each if you grab some fellow party people from the bar!

One night we found a bar for a set entrance free and all you can drink. Mint!

Well, the drinks quality was very questionable and wouldn’t be advised. As it was all you can drink, the memory of the evening and thus the same of this club is no longer accessible! However, I’m certain only one of these types of clubs so you will know it once you arrive.

Top Tip: Drinking rule, try, and I mean TRY and wait until the sun goes down before you start to drink otherwise you might miss the best part – the going out part! 

Great place to stop off for a couple of crazy nights on your way to Koh Rong!

Koh Rong

Why get the overnight bus for 14 hours from Siem Reap, then the boat to Koh Rong?!

Convinced yet? You should be. OH MAN I MISS THIS PLACE!

Spent over a week on the island. It was AMAZING.


A real desert island…and party spot!!

Take lots and lots of american dollars with you, that’s what you will need, take more than you think. You know why? Cos you will end up staying many more nights than you first planned!

It was often the case of waking up, super hungover, grabbing super cheap food and booking “just one more night”. Eventually it was just one more night but you get the picture!

Prices are a tiny bit more than the main island but thats alright its still super cheap. Food and drink wise. We still bought bottles of Jim Bean for around $10 – insane!

Staying at the guest house Happy Elephant was a win in its self. Highly recommended from fellow travelers before we got the boat to the island, and for just $15 a night for a twin room and an ensuite, I’d highly recommend too! My review here


Happy Elephant Guesthouse!


Not too shabby for desert island & $15 per night!

Was lucky to be here around Halloween and Day of The Dead Festival. Two epic nights out! 


Day of the Dead – Epic night!!

Chill out during the day on an amazing beach. Hit up the bars for food and drinks early evening. Then get your drink on, join the bar crawl and get on it! Loved it here!

Top Tip: See signs for a boat to a club on a island? Don’t think about it, get pre drinking and get yourself on that boat! Just remember to get the last boat back!

Koh Rong – I’ll be back to see you one day for more partying you beauty! 

Party In Cambodia Is Not To Be Missed!

Convinced yet?

You should be!

If not, this party video of my time in Cambodia should do the trick!

That’s it! 

Cambodia is one of my all time fave destinations for partying! Do not miss out!

And maybe take your own banana costume (buy from Amazon for less than a tenner!) with you….

Whats your thoughts on the party in Cambodia? Bang them in the comments below! 

Partying In Cambodia
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