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Pacific Islands? Read My Experience!


Fiji, Pixabay

Pacific islands are known for their out-of-this-world natural beauties and cultural diversity that attract world travellers from all over the globe. From endless blue horizons and lush vegetation, to vibrant cities and indigenous communities, South Pacific islands are truly heavens on earth.

These enchanting islands scattered across the stunning Pacific Ocean will simply mesmerize you, so if you haven’t seen them already, it’s time you did.

Cruising the Pacific Ocean

There’s no better way to explore the beauties of the South Pacific islands for the first time than going on a cruise of your lifetime.

Not only will you get to cruise on a luxurious boat with numerous amenities, but you’ll also have an opportunity to visit several islands of the Pacific. Just imagine admiring the vast blue ocean stretching as far as the eye can see while sipping a cocktail and basking in the sun.

Cruises are truly an experience like no other and a Pacific cruise will leave you with long-lasting memories.


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Despite its extraordinary beauty, the Vanuatu archipelago often passes unnoticed, which makes it a perfect choice for a relaxing holiday.

Consisting of 83 islands, Vanuatu features breathtaking scenic landscape of rugged beauty and isolated beaches. Since it’s not as crowded as other Pacific hotspots, Vanuatu is more affordable and quite popular for family vacations, offering numerous kid-friendly activities, such as jungle zip-lines, horse riding, snorkelling and others.

Its small, but vibrant capital Port Villa has a unique metropolitan vibe imbued with French influences. Here, you can visit the local markets and mingle with the locals or relax in one of the city’s stylish waterfront cafés. Vanuatu’s Mystery Island is its hidden gem accessible only by ship.

Largely uninhabited, this stunning island features pristine beaches, lush jungle and plenty of amazing snorkelling spots.


Vanuatu, Pixabay

New Caledonia

As one of the true havens of the South Pacific, New Caledonia has much to offer to its visitors.

Owing to its natural beauties, lovely culture and vibrant capital, New Caledonia is an essential stop for some of the most popular Pacific Island cruises in 2017 that will enable you to explore the best of the Pacific. Since New Caledonia is a French territory, it features a unique mixture of a tropical atmosphere and cosmopolitan vibe.

Nouméa is its stunning capital that offers plenty of different attractions, including its beautiful white-sand Anse Vata Beach, stylish Lemon Bay and lively 19th-century park called Place des Cocotiers.

The rest of New Caledonia doesn’t fall behind with its beauty, featuring some of the most popular spots, such as the breathtaking Isle of Pines, the mesmerising Heart of Voh and Lifou, a lovely island where you can learn more about New Caledonia’s Melanesian heritage.


New Caledonia, Pixabay


Fiji is one of the world’s most beautiful island destinations, so it’s no wonder that it’s part of numerous cruise itineraries.

This exotic tropical paradise consists of Viti Levu and Vanua Levu, two main islands, as well as around 900 smaller ones, so if you want to escape the world, you can definitely find a stunning, secluded beach just for yourself.

In Suva, Fijian charming capital, you can experience its urban yet relaxed tropical lifestyle. While there, you can also explore the nearby attractions and mesmerising Fijian villages. Hike Bouma National Heritage Park is one of the most popular attractions in the country that will provide you with an opportunity to walk along picturesque trails and admire the beautiful scenery of deep pools and waterfalls.

You can also visit Levuka, the old capital of Fiji located on Ovalau island. Here, you can escape from tourist crowds and soak in the city’s historical atmosphere.


beach-zara-lewisFiji, Pixabay

Cruising the Pacific Ocean is the perfect way to explore the astonishing beauties of its islands, so pack your bags and get ready for an adventure of a lifetime.

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Pacific Islands? Read My Experience! | Guest Post
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Pacific Islands? Read My Experience! | Guest Post
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