Product: Osprey Farpoint 70

Key Details: 70 capacity, with detachable day pack (15 liters, with laptop sleeve)

Where to buy? Available on Amazon for cheapest price!


osprey-farpoint-70Looking for a bag that makes it back to you even when LAN airlines in Brazil lose it? (I can laugh now!) Here it is the Osprey Farpoint 70. BE AMAZED.

All jokes a side, this bag is amazing. As many people who are new to the backpacking lifestyle I wasn’t sure what to purchase so many choices, not just the usual colours but new terminology such as liters (how much it can carry) and top loading (opens only from the top). Very difficult to understand and therefore difficult to know what to buy!

In any case, from recommendations from the internet (just searching our friend Google) and YouTube I came across the Osprey Farpoint 70. Just look at it!! It opens up like a suitcase, which has to be the best thing EVER when trying to put things away / finding things. If you’re a traveler you will realise how much of a pain in the arse it is and this bag manages to help! The daypack has a sleeve for your laptop and allows you to fit in all the days essentials and important things easily. The bag even got super wet in Salta but all my clothes were fine and dandy!

The bag also folds up so that you can hide the straps and connect it all together so that it looks like a suitcase and not a backpack and thus on my flight to Salta it didn’t get lost this time round – excellent!

After 7 weeks on the road and plenty more to go I cannot recommend this backpack enough!

Want to buy it and get it shipped to your house and for less than retail shops? Of course you do, Amazon is your friend when it comes to buying this amazing bag as its around £20 cheaper than retail shops.



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