This One Book Will Make You Quit Your Job & Travel The World

That is a big statement huh, but I am 100% standing by it. Just by reading this one book it will make you quit your job and travel the world. Ready to know what the book is, great keep on reading.

You did not think I would make it that easy did you? Sure, I can just put a link below but will that really, in this day and age, make you go off and buy and actually READ a god damn book! No way, a big stat always dotted around says that even if you actually buy the book something stupid like 1% actually get past the first page. THE FIRST PAGE!

I know what you are thinking “what is this magical book Dan?”. OK OK, attention span is horrible these days, but before I spill the beans, do let me provide you with a list of why just this book, if you actually read it, will in fact make you quit your job and travel the world. Well if that is what you want to do of course….

  • You will feel experiences, experiences you have not even dreamt about
  • You will have a burning desire to go so something, anything
  • You will realise that it is easy to travel
  • You will realise how in 2016 it is even EASIER and safer to travel then when the book was written
  • You will see just how One Word can lead you on adventures your mind can not even dream up
  • You will ask the deep question “Why him and not me?!”
  • You will, I guarantee it, say YES more….

And by saying yes more, to every day things, the bigger more scary yes’s of HOW COULD I QUIT MY JOB AND TRAVEL THE WORLD do not seem so scary and massive as they once did.

READ IT. Do not just go watch the poor Jim Carey film of the same name. READ THE GOD DAMN BOOK. Because let me tell you, if you do, you will realise the power of a YES. The power to say YES I will hand in my notice, I will stand in the way of fear and says YES and book that one way ticket to Europe, North America, South East Asia or like me in June 2015 South America (I can hardly speak bloody English!).

This book is bloody powerful so only ready it if you are ready and actually WANT to travel the world.

This book will make you Quit Your Job and Travel The World.

This book is the mighty YES MAN by Danny Wallace.




And this is I Am Dan Elson saying that this is the one book that set me off on my journey many months ago. A journey that I will never forget, and a journey that has changed my life for the better.

I feel it is important to tell you that this is not a travel book, or an inspiration book nor does it directly say quit your job and travel but what it does say, is far more important and life changing. What it says is anything is possible as long as you give the universe the chance to prove it. Every decision is a decision. No, the power of saying no is a decision to say no do not show me universe I am not interested. Do not make that decision in stead every day start to say Yes to more and more things and soon you will release just how POWERFUL that word can be…..and just what that one little, tiny word can lead to.

The book is under a tenner on (Click here to buy and I receive a small bit of loose change!) so what are you waiting for?

This Was A Tale Of How One Book Put Me On A Journey That Changed My Life And The Way I Look At Life FOREVER


Dan Elson Entrepreneur, Digital Marketer, & Traveler of Worlds

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