It is nice when people become friend do you not agree? In this case, it is not someone I would have had never of met if I did not go traveling, this case it is Netflix and Star Trek.

I bloody love Star Trek. So for Star Trek, all series (Yes, I do mean ALL SERIES!!), to come to Netflix is kind of a big deal, I bet not just for me mind! I have not tried Netflix yet, I have, on many occasions nearly hit the firing button but as of yet I have not been forced over the buyers “line”. However, the day might finally be here when I purchase or at least take on the FREE month of Netflix!

That is right by the way, you get a FREE month of Netflix if you sign up. And what more do backpackers love but FREEBIES! So I am going to give it a whirl. It makes sense to have a streaming package when you are all over the world and when WIFI tends to be free (I am looking at you Australia, what up with paying for WIFI!?!)



Not shabby aye, so as i said, I think it is time to give it a go. To get the free month and see what all the fuss is about! After all, all these Netflix lovers can not all be wrong can they?

What is your thoughts on Netflix? Love it or hate it? Bang a comment below!


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