Best Hostels In Sydney, Australia

Summary of this blog post You have landed here because you’re looking for the best hostels in Sydney, Australia. Well, that is almost impossible to find in Sydney! In Australia in fact! And I personally make it a habit of never using the word impossible, as nothing is ever impossible! What I mean is that […]

13 Best Party Hostels

Are you looking to party? Are you looking to meet others that want to party? Are you looking for the best party hostels throughout the world?! You’ve come to the right place fellow backpacker! I’ve been all over the world seeking some of the best parties. I LOVE to party! Finding out details on party […]

That Time When I Visited Sydney

5th to 8th September 2015 visiting Sydney, Australia   The flight was an easy one just been over an hour-long – thank god for flight, Australia is HUGE! It’s an 18 dollar train ride to the center, around 15 minutes gets you to central, museum is where we get off as it’s the closest stop to our […]