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So you are wanting to make money to fund your travels? Awesome, you loved traveling that much you want to do it long term, so do I! Life changing aye? This post will help by telling you all about Google Adsense, Google’s very own advertising that you can easily add to your website to show ads to your visitors, and once clicked you get paid per click! Awesome aye, money for your travels bro! Lets get to the juicy info bits! 

What’s Google Adsense

I use Google Adsense. It is a really quick and simple way to host advertising on your website. If a visitor is interested in the banners proposition then a user clicks through and you make cash. Cash, cash and more cash. The trick? Write interesting and relevant content to your target audience, the more awesome content you write the more visitors, the more visitors to click through.

The bonus thing to understand is that the more focused “niche” your website is the better Google choose the right audience, to encourage people to click through!

So, you have a website? Awesome, then it is proper easy to add Adsense to your website. WordPress Plugin called “Easy Adsense” is your friend. Add the plugin and you are well on your way adding Google Adsense to your website.

Next sign up to Google Adsense here, wait a couple of days and you will get emailed saying you have been accepted. Use the easy to work interface to build your ads and add them in the correct places in the Plugin. Add widgets in your appearance tab in WordPress and you are laughing.

Banners ads are not what they once were. What do I mean? Well back in the way everyone, and I mean EVERYONE were right to think banners were pointless and people did not click on these. Therefore, what is the point? Well those days are GONE. I work in the industry and the tech used these days in terms of targeting is immense. Meaning for you? The right ads, at the right time for your visitors = cash for you.

Plenty of in depth videos and guides on YouTube and Google. Google have even published a hell of a guide for first timers!

I hope this provides you with a flavour of another way you can make money to fuel your travels around the world. Get it added to your website (you require to have a domain and hosting to take advantage, so go do that first if you haven’t already, it just looks better to have your own domain too dude!) and take advantage of this awesome piece of code from Google that allows you to make money from visitors to your website.

What Are You Waiting for? Sign up for Google Adsense and Add to your Website! Comment below any questions or feedback you have on Google Adsense! 



Dan Elson
Entrepreneur, Digital Marketer,
& Traveler of Worlds


Dan Elson Entrepreneur, Digital Marketer, & Traveler of Worlds

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