Today on i’m launching Dan’s Log, kinda like a Captains Log from Star Trek but better, way better, you know why? Because it’s done by the man himself, Dan. BOOM.

What is Dan’s Log?

It’s a journal. Plain and Simple. Life is all about accountability and daily routines or habits that lead to completing your goals. This will be my log, ideally daily, a journal or log of my daily stuff, thoughts, experiences, appreciations and a whole lot more. How does this link to travel? Its my journal along the way…and it’s going to be EPIC!

What content should I expect?

I want to mix it up. I get bored easily and to keep me doing this i want to have variation. That means Dan’s Log is likely to be:

  • Written Blog
  • Video Blog
  • Audio Blog

When does it start?

Today. You’re in luck. Today is the launch of Dan’s Log. Oh Hell Yeah.

Whats the format?

Simple. Just like this:

Dan’s Log #1 | #130816 | England

So, what it is, the episode, the date (Stardate cos i bloody love trek) and the location. Because this is a travel website this will be all over the bloody planet!

And without more delay, let’s take a look at today’s – 13th August 2016 Dan’s Log

In the words of Bruce Buffer its timeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee


Dan’s Log #1 | #130816 | England

Cliffs of Today’s Dan’s Log

The Good

  • Daily squats, press ups and sit ups
  • Sorting out stuff I know longer need and uploading to eBay
  • Saved money for travel, buying curry supplies to cook rather than takeaway
  • Relax from hard graft at work this week
  • Started Dan’s Log!

The Bad

  • No jog – lazy Dan!


  • Starting Dan’s Log: Starting to record what i’m doing, my thoughts of the day, so I can learn and improve!

Expect more to come. In different places throughout the world. My thoughts on my life. Dan’s Log. 




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Dan Elson Entrepreneur, Digital Marketer, & Traveler of Worlds

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