Last Class Now A Thing?

Last Class Now A Thing?


Is Last Class now a thing? According to BusinessInsider it is!

The major idea isn’t as mental as it sounds, the major airlines are stick of flying with like 80% capacity just because the smaller, cheaper and more affordable airlines have sneaked in and taken a large piece of the pie when it comes to short haul flights – what’s wrong with good old fashioned competition?

Well the major airlines are finally fighting back it seems with making cheaper flights available called “Last Class” located at the back of the plane. What’s so wrong with that? If it’s the same price of cramped up budget airlines¬†like RyanAir I’m game – you get a better service and your legs actually fit into the leg area – SCORE!

Maybe this will really help us backpackers as it should decrease the overall prices and make it even easier to travel around the globe. I’m for one all for healthy competition!

Well let’s see how this competition goes….