Koh Phi Phi

Have you visited Koh Phi Phi? No, then what the hell are you waiting for!?! This island just off mainland Thailand is the Bomb!

The major reason to visit is clearly the all night partying on the beach, which is off the hook! I’ve never been anywhere like Koh Phi Phi before!

First stay was for four days at a highly recommended hostel (go to the place, in fact go to the place before and go here for the nightlife!) called blanco – this place is clear, cheap enough, fans in the room and its where the party starts around 10pm with beer pong ready and waiting and strip jenga – what  more are you looking for?


The second hostel for two nights was Apache which for cheaper money for a four bed instead of a six and ensuite, aircon and wifi was the bomb and nice and quite ready to go party next door as that’s where blanco is!


The party across the beach is insane and which charges around 100 baht, so around 2 quid and buckets (buy from the hostel and these badboys aren’t as killer as people say, after all the hostel doesn’t want you to be dying and sick everywhere!) around 200 baht (yeah 4 quid insane right?) then you are going to have one hell of a good time. Firedancers on all night (of which you can take part!!) and run around every corner this is one serious fun place.


Be prepared to pay a island con tax of 40 baht each when arriving, this is a must for all guests on the island even if you’re not visiting for the delights of the party. Even so this is one hell of a party island then runs all the way through the night – full of internationals from around the world!

We went for a rest after the four days and went to the next island an hour and half away by boat (buy at any tour desk, i’m sure prices change all the time so no point quoting here!) and away you go. We were hungover as one might expect so dying all the way, we shared taxi with some girls to a Harry Potter themed Hostel – yeah super serious, and stayed in the best hostel so far in Thailand. Super wifi, towels, nearly western style beds and nice toilets and showers.

Let’s face it, this isn’t all that fun for us sooooooooooo we head back to the place we know that’s kicking it every night – that place is the almighty Koh Phi Phi!!

Go have fun and when you’ve been share your stories below, any great ones will be put into a community post here on iamdanelson.com


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