Killing Time Whilst Traveling

We all have it when we are traveling, either from one place to another on a plane, boat, trolley (!) you name it when you are traveling you have done it! But what to do, what to do with all this free thinking time…

Well you do come up against it when you have lazy days knocking around the hotels or in transit, and yet you could do a million and one proactive things HOWEVER when you do not want to do that and you just want a mess around…..I have the website for you.

It is from You know the one, the one with all the subreddits, and a lot of the time extremely useful to find out things but for today this is more fun, fun, FUN!

That one simple link, takes you to a random Reddit subreddits each and every time. Pretty sweet huh?

Is this just not the same feeling as traveling?! See where it takes you, just like you do with traveling the world….



Dan Elson Entrepreneur, Digital Marketer, & Traveler of Worlds

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