It’s raining here in Hue, Vietnam

I’m shocked too, actually full blown English type rain…and its been doing it none stop for the past two days!

is the weather warming me back up for winter over there in England? Perhaps, its  no fun never the less. It’s deffo getting colder the more north we go here in Vietnam, not looking all that great for the Castaways trip we’ve just booked through Hue Backpackers. EXCITED.

All the reviews online make it very promising and within the price we get transport to Hanoi (can’t wait) and to Haylong Bay and back AND a night’s stay at Hue Backpackers Hanoi – all in all a good deal. I’ve write a review once I’ve experienced it and no doubt recovered from it!

Today was Citadel day – Chinese can make some funky arse Citadel’s that’s for sure. Images to follow in a follow up post. If you stay at Hue Backpackers its around a 15 mins walk to the left and over the bridge and left again – you really can’t miss it. Wouldn’t advise on the market, to the right, its just rubbish!

Come to Hue though as the temples are  worth it – the nightlife is all around Hue Backpackers, our night out included FREE beers at the hostel from 5 to 6 (good work guys at Hue!), then room JIM BEAM (such a winner our mate Jim) and then over the road. Drinks offers are everywhere – free pool and free table footy with the locals and the bar staff was good crack too.

I’d recommend

  • Visiting Hue
  • Staying at Hue Backpackers and trying to Chill chicken and rice mmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
  • Visiting the Citadel
  • Pray it doesn’t rain as much!

Enjoy Hue.

That’s all for today folks – until next time!


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