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Howdy, friends! What adventures have you been up to? Post your comments below and let everyone know!

Right, now we’ve got that out of the way, this blog post will feature the introduction of my weekly digital marketing podcast!

Our mission at is improve your life through travel & remote working. And this is a blog post to help you do the second part, the remote working part. Let’s face it, eventually, you just run out of money! But before you do that, get established online and become a digital nomad and start to work remotely around the world!

Let’s get to what the Weekly Digital Marketing Podcast is all about!

Introducing Weekly Digital Marketing Podcast


Introducing THE ELSON BROS Weekly Digital Marketing Podcast!

Yes! Its a weekly podcast on all things digital marketing with my bro! THE ELSON BROS giving you all the free value you can handle!

My bro, Damion Elson with his wealth of graphic designer and social media knowledge, running his own agency for over 15 years.

And, me, IAmDanElson, with my client and agency experience and knowledge gained within the last 7 years working for some of the best digital marketing agencies in the world! Yes, I said it. The world. In the UK and Australia.

How Can I watch it?

That’s a very good question.

We run it weekly LIVE using the awesome Facebook Live stream that’s now available through Facebook. You can now invite others to your Facebook Live too, which is bloody awesome and allows us to do this!

  • UK? Tuesday’s at 10pm
  • Sydney, Australia? Wednesday’s at 7am

How to watch in UK?

Too easy, it’s each and every Tuesday at 10pm.



How to watch in Sydney, Australia?

Too easy, it’s each and every Wednesday at 7am.



Facebook Live Sounds like good fun, I know right? It is. And you should check it out. Follow IAmDanElson or Damion Elson on Facebook to watch, yo!

But what happens if that doesn’t suit you or the times are not up your street? Don’t worry, we’ve got your covered mate, we upload our replays to YouTube. Subscribe now to my new DJE EXPERIENCE YouTube channel.

We’ve covered plenty of topics so far: Facebook marketing, getting started online, Facebook advertising, Shopify e-commerce, and so much more! Go over and check it out.

Watch Episode 1 right here!

Want us to feature a digital marketing topic? Got any questions? Reach out! We love to hear from people just like you!

Thanks for reading, and remember to watch weekly or subscribe to my new YouTube channel DJE EXPERIENCE for the replays!


Introducing Weekly Digital Marketing Podcast
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Introducing Weekly Digital Marketing Podcast
Introducing Weekly Digital Marketing Podcast. We've launched a weekly digital marketing podcast! Find all the details here.
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