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This blog post will be introducing our latest venture!

This latest venture is introducing our brand new shop online!

Why does the world need another online shop? Well, let me tell you why in this blog post!

Introducing Our Brand New Shop:

unbrandedessentials-logo Mission

Our mission is to deliver unbranded and unknown brands to people just like you.

We are For Those Who Value Experiences Over Brands!

Why Launched

I’m Dan as you guys know, and back in 2015 I chose the other life, I chose the traveler’s life.

I quit my 9 to 5 corporate job and took a trip around the world – and it changed my life. It really did.

And I did the same again in 2016! Now I’m living the dream in Sydney, Australia.

One of the things that changed was my need for brands. Particularly, spending money on overpriced branded products. I wanted to save money for more experiences not fill the pockets of Apple, Sony and so on.

My life is now about experiences rather than the need for brands.

My mission, our mission here at is all about inspiring people to travel, to experience life and all it has to offer!

Say no to brands. Say no to wasting your hard earned money on brands, and start to spend it on experiences instead.

We believe in experiences over expensive and overpriced brands!

So that is why I’ve created For Those Who Value Experiences Over Brands. Story

Dan launched in November 2017.

His passions in life are travel, digital marketing and helping businesses grow. That is why he runs this very travel website to inspire people to improve your life through travel and remote working.

He’s now living in Sydney, truly living the dream. However, it’s not a cheap place to live! It’s certainly not Far East Asia when it comes to food, transport, accommodation and everyday essentials.

He wanted a backpack for the gym and couldn’t find one under $150 (jokes!). That was crazy! So he took to the internet, found one for a third of the price and immediately purchased. Check out that very backpack and feel smart by saving money!

After this, he wanted to create an easy to use (and beautiful!) online experience for people to buy unbranded and unknown branded products. And was born!

Expertly curated unknown brands, quality without the famous brands mark up!

Spend Money On Experiences NOT on Brands. 

We are For Those Who Value Experiences Over Brands

What is this website going to do?

Awesomeness for me!

It will allow me to run an e-commerce website from anywhere in the world!

Its the perfect business to run if you’re looking into remote working!

Also, it lets me experiment with different forms of digital advertising and share these insights with people just like you.

And that makes me more exciting than anything as it might just lead you to improve your life by owning your own online shop and be able to work remotely!

How did I do this? Through an awesome easy to build e-commerce platform called Check it out here if you’re interested in building and running your own store.

Interested in starting your own website? Reach out to me through contact us page and lets have a chat. I can build a shop for you, help and support you to build your own empire online AND even help you to acquire your customers through digital strategies with our 8+ years working in digital marketing agencies!

Featured Products For Travel



Awesome must have for any traveler!

For less than $27.99 (USA dollar)! Must have for any traveler! Buy it here!



You’ve heard of the smartphone. Now you’ve seen smartwatches. Introduction….
  • Waterproof!
  • Charge your laptop/phone etc on the go!
  • Anti-theft Design
  • Fits 15.6 inch laptop!
  • Easy access pocket on strap
  • 36-55 Litre capacity
  • Available in Blue, Black, Purple & Grey

Buy it here.



These are one of the must have buys for long term travel! Trust me on this!

Packing cubes! Squeeze all your clothing and essentials into these handy cubes!

You can buy these here.

Explore the rest of our unbranded and unknown brands right here!

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Introducing Our Brand New Shop!
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Introducing Our Brand New Shop!
Introducing Our Brand New Shop!! For Those Who Value Experiences Over Brands! Check out why we've launched the site!
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