In order to provide a better understanding of and what the website is designed to be, I’ve decided to do the most ego tastic article I could ever do, interviewing myself. Crazy huh?! Maybe, but its my website and thats the fun part i can do whatever I want brah! 

Lets take a quick overview of why this piece will be useful to YOU.

Interview With Myself Summary

Reading this will provide you with:

  • An introduction to and to who Dan Elson is
  • What is all about
  • Where Dan went traveling, and what he has done since
  • What is next for Dan

Even though this looks the most ego piece EVER, for the above reasons everyone should receive value from the piece.

Who is Dan Elson?

I’m Dan, Dan Elson, and welcome to my website
I love Travel. I Love Digital Marketing, and I love helping and inspiring others.

With my experience, knowledge and passion I want to show you what a life of travel, and living your life on your own terms is all about!

Why and whats it all about?

Its a website with a twist, it includes loads of value such as:

  • Find out how I save money, and how it allowed me in 2015 to fund a “mini retirement” so i could travel 13 countries in 6 months! AND how I’ve saved to do it all over again in 2016…
  • Find out how i make money online to help fund by travels
  • Find out what the life of Dan is all about through Dan’s VLogs
  • And Much More!

The best part? All for FREE. All this info and value is free as I want to inspire you to quit your job and travel the world!

If i can can do it so can YOU

Want more details on exactly what I did and how, more details on my page here

What is your number 1 saving tip?

Open up two bank accounts. Have your wage go into one, identify your absolutes, i’m talking about your rent / getting to your day job / food that sort of thing. That gives you a number that NEEDS to be paid every month.

Now work out how much you want to start over X months. I saved £1K per month. Now set it up to include your absolutes. To transfer automatically on 2nd each month.

Whatever is left is left to do what you want with. It should only be small amount, for extra bits and bats.

What is your number 1 making money tip?

Start a website. Its as simple as that. Get your domain and hosted sorted and use and you’re on your way.

A website gives you a base. Start vblogging and writing articles on stuff you love.

Action is a MUST. So follow Nikey and “Just Do It”

How do you make money online?

It’s not easy! And so it shouldn’t be!

I’m currently as of August 2016 making less than £50 per month. How? Mostly through Affiliate Marketing, with one of the easiest to set up! See my guide to Affiliate Marketing here.

I’d recommend you setting your mind on a website, and talking about something you love and know about. For me? It was easy! I love to travel and i love Digital Marketing, and having worked in it for 6+ years now i know one of two things.

My website is all about how I saved to Travel, how to make money to travel from my knowledge and experience in Digital Marketing and to record my journey along the way, travel and self improvement / making money experiences through my Dan’s VLog.

This resource on YouTube, within 8 minutes tells you how it all works. Create value and move up the ladder. Thanks Elliot for the easy to follow and understand journey we all must go on if we want to the life we want. Much appreciation! Check it here!

Where and when did you go?

In June 2015 I quit my 9 to 5 job in one of the UK’s best Digital Marketing Agency’s.

Not because I didn’t enjoy it, not at all. Not because I was bored, not at all. Not because of any reason other than I wanted to visit the world. I wanted to visit places I’d never seen, experience stuff I’ve never experienced and do it whilst i’m fit and healthy!

I just knew I had to do it!

I moved out of my city centre pad that I loved and loved back home with the parents. It was hard work but I knew it would allow me to travel so i treated it as a MUST. That way my brain knew it had to happen just like eating and sleeping is a must.

I firstly went to Ayia Napa for a crazy arse week of partying. Then after a couple of days of byes’ I was gone. Solo traveling, from Bradford, to Leeds, to London, flight to Sao Paulo, then to Rio. That was it! Booking is the hardest thing, once you’ve done that its not like you’re going to NOT go!

During the next 6 months I traveled all over the globe, and I mean it! From South America, to North America, to Fiji, to Australia and finishing up in Far East Asia! What a mouthful!

Here is a list of all the countries I visited in 6 months…

  • Brazil
  • Paraguay
  • Argentina
  • Bolivia
  • Peru
  • North America
  • Fiji
  • Australia
  • Singapore
  • Indonesia
  • Thailand
  • Cambodia
  • Vietnam
  • Laos

And I bloody loved every last minute! This Could Be You!




And its lead me to share my experiences, and give you help and advice, basically to INSPIRE YOU to do the same. We are all from the same cloth, if i can do this, you can do it too! I Inspire you to do SO!

Can anyone actually do this Dan?

Yes, absolutely yes.

Should I become a Travel Blogger too?

Yes, do it.

I’d recommend to anyone to at least record your travels. Use a journal, and videos and images. Use all of modern life to help you do it! You want to remember as much as possible so just record it all!

And why not start your own YouTube channel like mine, or your own website like – keep your memories alive and who knows you might inspire someone else to do the same too!

Where did you get the idea to Travel?

One of the biggest resources for this kind of thing, to travel, was a non travel book. That book was Yes Man by Danny Wallace!

I’ve wrote before about how this one book changed my life, and that change was to decide to go long term travel. To quit the job I’d worked towards since I left school. To give it all up, the life you’re meant to have, to give it all up to travel and experience life.

Its well worth a read Yes Man. Don’t fake it and watch the film, well do because of course Jim Carey is funny as but do read. Its an awesome read and maybe it will inspire you to say Yes More, and not just Yes but Yes to whatever will make you happy. Trust me, not one day when I was traveling did i have a regret, or feel like i didn’t want to go to sleep or wake up because it was just another day at work. I couldn’t wait to get out of bed to see what i could experience!

Yes Man is available from

How much did you budget?

Well its a difficult one because if i’m being truthful i didn’t budget.

Look, i knew how much I needed. I went to STA Travel shop and worked it out. I really didn’t have a clue what / where to go! So STA Travel did help but now I know, the ins and outs and where I want to go next STA Travel isn’t needed for me. But for you, if you’re not sure then go, get some advise and book it if you find a good offer! Why not! Its all done for ya!

Anyways, back to the question. My trip, so my flights and a tour for Machu Pichu was £5K. Sounds a lot! Well just think of how much life is costing you now! To do the same thing week after week! Living in Leeds, and I loved it, was costing me more a month, all of my bloody wage in fact! So once I’d booked my flights, apart from shelter and food, I was set!

Different budget per month is required depending where you’re going. 1st world countries well expect the same if you’re living in the USA or UK. You’ve got your shelter and food and experiencing so yeah its going to be pricey. But choose Latin America and its going to be just over £1K per month. Whereas, even less money, less than £1K per month will easily help you live and experience all the joy of South East Asia!

All in all, lets take a look:

  • Initial flights around the world + Machu Picchu Tour = £5K
  • Spending money – accounted for additional land and air travel, shelter and food and FUN! = £8k

Yeah, i could have done it cheaper. Having a set budget is useful and helps. I did everything I wanted to do and i didn’t go out of my way to get the very cheapest coach to the next place (something i DON’T RECOMMEND!!) so i was happy with what i spent. Again, just take a look at what you spend to “live” in your current city, is it really all that much different?!

Budget around £1K per month and things will balance out as long as you mix a bit of 1st, 2nd and 3rd world countries. You’d be well on your way to making your life YOURS!

Most expensive country?

Australia. Its not really a country to go backpacking to without a income! I partied ALOT cos I love it, and I spent around £2.5K in a MONTH, 4 weeks, but boy was it alllllll worth it!

Cheapest country?

Any in South East Asia! A bought a bottle of Coca Cola for less than 10p in Indonesia – AMAZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZING!

Whats next for Dan?

This is where life now gets interesting….

Honestly, its difficult for people to understand who are set in 9 to 5 land. So my advise is just go do it and then we will be in the same mindset!

So, what is next….

I’m doing it all again. But this time, with my knowledge and experience gained from 6 months of travel.

I’m due to leave 9 to 5 land again on 4th October. By 12th October I will be in Thailand. HELL YEAH and its going to be AWESOME.

One way flight. Its what I’d recommend to anyone to do, that way you can decide what you want to do and when. Its the beauty of not giving a fark!

Thailand, then lets see what happens. I’ll be heading to Australia, if its 9 to 5 job time then it is just that (Oz is a no go for a digital nomad!), though even if it is, i’l have a job i love and i’ll be living in one of the best places in the world – Melbourne voted the best city to live in the world, so i’ll be in one hell of a place.

See you on the other side.


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Dan Elson
Entrepreneur, Digital Marketer,
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Dan Elson Entrepreneur, Digital Marketer, & Traveler of Worlds

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