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How To Plan Your Round The World Trip

How To Plan Your Round The World Trip

This guide is for you but it is based on my own experiences of planning at Round The World Trip. You can learn where and why I decided to go where on my Round The World quest. As you can imagine, I am super happy about this.... dan-elson

Why Read This?

I am planning my own Round The World Trip, and hopefully with you reading this, it will give you much needed advise on how to plan yours! I am going to be quitting my full time job to go around the world, from South America, to South Asia to Australia and who knows where else! This trip will be 6 months in total. So this is best part of 24 weeks. I wanted to outline all the countries I can visit and then decide which ones to visit during my 6 months of travel!

Possible Countries To Visit

The World is one BIG place! world-mapWhere do you go when you have got 6 months?! So let's get into it..... (more…)

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