Why You Should Visit These Countries In South America

Why You Should Visit These Countries In South America

I visited the continent of South America from June 2015 to August 2015 and had a blast, a real awesome out of this world BLAST! I really did love my time in South America. People often ask "Is's South America dangerous?", I am not going to say it is not because everywhere can be. Let's face it at the moment we live in a dangerous world and even things can happen in your home town so I suggest it is not worth worrying about. Do what you want to do, be smart about it and you will be fine. So, why you should visit these countries in south america? What are these countries to visit? Well, lets be honest I had two months, it was my first solo trip and I did not know anything about backpacking so I had to pick and choose and I think for my first trip I choose wisely! I went to:
  • Brazil
  • Argentina
  • Bolivia
  • Peru
AND IT WAS EPIC! These really are some of the most amazing places on Earth - just take a look! (more…)

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3 Places Not To Miss In Cambodia

3 Places Not To Miss In Cambodia

map-of-cambodia Well what can I say about this country. One word sumps it up really - awesome! It really is one of these countries where you never thought you would actually visit but once you do it leaves that warm feeling that you have just visited one hell of a country! You get a month visa if you have a British passport (we are lucky!) you pay $30 and give them a couple of passport photos or pay the $2 fine if you do not have any - easy win. Want more info you can view the details on our gov site. Cambodia was one of these places I really enjoyed, not just in South East Asia but throughout North and South America, Fiji and Australia - I recommend to anyone! In fact, I wrote the article - 5 Reasons To Visit Cambodia on this very site!

What to take?

American dollars are key, it is the main currency. The country has "monopoly" type money that you get back if your change is a couple of dollars. All the shops and markets are more interested in your crisp (cut corners or damage, Cambodians are not interested so be warned!) american dollars - fair enough, and lets face it, it makes nights out much easier! Oh, and majority of the locals speak pretty good English so that is a bonus too!

My favorite places I visited in Cambodia? Lets get to it!


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My Personal Images That Will Make You Want To Travel In 2016

My Personal Images That Will Make You Want To Travel In 2016

Need inspiration to travel in 2016? Need something to push you over the line to book that trip of a lifetime that you have being putting off? Hopefully my personal images that I took throughout my travels in 2015 will help you do just that.

Meet a Llama in Bolivia


Visit Angkor Wat in Cambodia



Be blown away by Iguassu Falls in Argentina / Brazil / Paraguay



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What Is In My Backpack When I Travel

One of the first things that I did after booking my trip was to find out exactly what I needed to take with me on my voyage.

I search on Google to find a ultimate list of what I needed. However, what I found that I needed really depended on when and where I was going. South America in winter? South East Asia in wet season? And then what you are going to do. Hiking? Skydiving? Beach? so much to break through before deciding what was needed in my backpack. So, I am not suggesting you need X or Y because it really does depend where, when and what you are going to do. I will let you know what I choose take to take, what was useful, what I got rid off and what I really did not need and will not be taking again.

What I took with me on my travels

Backpack: Osprey Farpoint 70 (click to read my review of this awesome backpack) osperry-backpack

Clothing, Shoes & Accessories


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Seven Reasons to Travel Solo | Guest Post

Guest Post by Jess Signet. You can find out more about Jess and her travels on her travel blog and on her Facebook page. 

Seven Reasons to Travel Solo

To start with, I want to thank Dan for allowing me to share this here. His site, as I'm sure you readers know, has a ton of great information for travelers planning a variety of trips—everything from how to narrow down places to visit for your RTW trip to important details that you maybe wouldn't see featured on other travel sites, such as what to eat for breakfast to keep you going strong (which is doubly important when you're on the road!). It's a pleasure to be here and share my own experiences with you all. Whether you're on your own or with your friends or family, there's no denying that traveling is a ton of fun. It can be a bit scary to decide to travel on your own though. You'll have to handle all the logistics, and there will likely be some moments that you're dying to share with someone, only to remember that you're on your own. But the thing is, the reasons most commonly holding people back—fear of strangers, potential loneliness, and things such as that—are easy enough to overcome. Believe it or not, the world is not a scary place full of people out to get you. In fact, a lot of solo travelers find that people are more open to helping someone when they know that person is traveling alone! A little caution goes a long way, of course, but fear and loneliness needn't be the things stopping you. Here are our top seven reasons for why you should travel on your own:


The most obvious benefit of traveling on your own is that you have the freedom to do whatever you want to do. Got a list of places on your bucket list? Start checking them off. Not interested in art museums or walking tours or whatever else it is that your friends are interested in? No problem. You can plan your itinerary however you want or be as spontaneous as you want to be. And if you want to take a night and just hang out around the hostel streaming Netflix, you can do that, no questions asked. Though due to Netflix's geo-restrictions, if you're traveling outside of your home country, you may need to set up a VPN on your computer first (otherwise you'll find yourself faced with a frustrating error message). A VPN will hide your location from the local server and get you around the blockade. When you're traveling alone, you've also got freedom in your packing. You don't have to worry about your friends seeing you in the same outfit every day; instead, you're mostly dealing with strangers who will never see you again. You'd be surprised how far two changes of clothing will get you. Not that I'm recommending being smelly in a classy city, but you have some flexibility, and you can always wash things in the sink as needed! (more…)

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